Farali Chivda In Air Fryer

Farali chivda inn air fryer for fasts

Enjoy this Farali Chivda made in air fryer during fasts or non-fasts. A mix of Sago, foxnuts, nuts and potato juliennes is crunchy munchy and is difficult to keep your hands off once started eating.

Healthy Makhane Ki Kheer | Makhana Kheer Recipe

Makhana Kheer

This Healthy Makhane Ki Kheer is made without any refined sugar & is sweetened by a healthy substitute, Rock sugar (Mishri). Along with the recipe, the tips and a perfect ratio is shared too.

Ultimate 3 Ingredients Vegan Waffles

Gluten free & Vegan Waffles

An ultimate vegan waffles recipe of crispy and fluffy waffles using just 3 ingredients. Neither oil nor Butter nor sugar/jaggery is used. These Waffles are grain-free too, hence can be easily consumed during fasts too. Then, what are those 3 ingredients? Let’s check it out… A very easy, simple, straightforward forward, and healthy recipe but […]

Kuttu Ke Aate Ka Chilla | Buckwheat Pancakes

kuttu Atta Chilla Recipe

Buckwheat Pancakes or say Kuttu Ke Aate ka Chilla is one of the simplest, quickest and yummiest treats to have during Navratri or other fasting days. But why only during fasts? It is so good from both taste as well health point of view that it should be included in our day to day diet […]