Want to ease out your life? Then modern kitchen gadgets come to your rescue beautifully. Especially today, in the era of nuclear families that too when the lady of the house is managing the house as well as the office, these kitchen gadgets are a boon.

Modern Kitchen Gadgets At My Place

I am myself using a host of these gadgets. In my view, the use of these gadgets makes you a smart homemaker! And the best thing is that I just don't buy these as these are trending but I actually use them. Like my day is incomplete without using my food processor, air fryer at least twice (at times, much more times) a day. I remember when my house help complimented me by saying that appliances in my kitchen are not mere showpieces, (as she must have seen in many other kitchens).

During the lockdown when everybody was at home, most of my time was spent in the kitchen only, I didn't feel hectic because of my modern kitchen appliances.

This is the reason, I got excited when my friend, Trapti Gupta, a renowned lifestyle blogger, came forward with her excellent ideas and shared this post. It's really helpful! Thanks, Trapti! Let us see what she says about

How rightly Trapti has pointed out that it's time to ditch the old ways to take care of your kitchen responsibilities as they are time-consuming & tough. New technologies save time as well as complete your tasks in a very efficient manner.
With the few usages of modern kitchen gadgets, you will find them essential products for your kitchen. I fully agree with her as she seems to echo my words and feelings on this subject.


  • Eases your workload.
  • Work is done quickly leaving you with ample time for your hobbies and other activities.
  • Work is done in a much efficient and professional manner.
  • Makes you a smart homemaker.

Here are the 12 different kitchen gadgets that will definitely make your cooking enjoyable...

1.  Food Processor:

Mixer grinder is there in almost all the kitchens but somehow food processor takes a back seat. I really wonder, why so?

Chopping veggies for Utthapam/ Frittata, kneading dough for chapati as well as bread, grating veggies, whipping cream, grating coconut for my Coconut Paag,  slicing salad, taking out fruit as well as vegetable juice and much more is what I am using my Glen food processor for! Buying a food processor is as good as having a 24-hour house help with you.

Almond Meal recipe

A mixer grinder is there in almost all the kitchens but somehow food processor takes a back seat. I really wonder, why so? Chopping veggies for Uttapam

 2. Salad Spinner

Washing and drying salad is a difficult task, especially in cold weather. No one likes to dip their hands repeatedly for removing the dirt from vegetables.
Salad spinner solves your problem. Inside the spinner, you will get a plastic bowl and a detachable strainer.
Whenever you want to wash and dry the salad, you need to put the vegetables with the water in the spinner. Now spin the knob and excess water will collect in the strainer.
There is no need to remove the lid to add and extract the water.
You could also use the plastic bowl as a container to store dry vegetables and fruits.


3. Instant Egg Boiler: 

The instant egg boiler boils the 6 to 8 eggs within minutes without any crack.
You don't need to keep checking frequently, this boiler automatically shuts down on the process completion.
3 different modes of this boiler help to boil eggs as per your choice soft, medium, or hard.
For using this egg boiler, put the eggs in it with water and select your desired mode.


4. Faber Kitchen Chimney 

The kitchen chimney is one of the essential appliances in terms of your convenience & cleaning.
You don't need to clean your kitchen corners and walls frequently if you install a kitchen chimney. Because chimneys suck the oil, grease, fuels, etc from the kitchen.
A chimney is not only useful to remove the dirt & odor but also it saves you from sneezing which comes from chilies and masala.
So choose the best kitchen chimney in India. Filterless chimneys are the best chimneys because they are the advanced technology of auto-clean kitchen chimneys.
Filterless chimneys have no cleaning and maintenance required.


5.  Air Fryer

Enjoy tasty yet healthy food without guilt. An air fryer gives you the convenience of frying, grilling, and baking your dishes without or less oil.
Air fryer helps to reduce your weight without compromising the taste of the food.
Every time you get the crispy dish with the help of its rapid air technology.
If I am talking about its smell, this air fryer produces less smell than others.
In this device, there is a timer and temperature you could set as per your convenience. And you can read in detail as to what all you can make in it including its pros and cons on my post,  Best Air Fryer Recipes


6. Coconut Scraper

Grating or scrapping coconut is a very difficult task. It requires a lot of time and effort.
Now, you don't need to do this task manually as there are tons of electric scrapers available in the market.
This wise coconut scraper comes with a 100W motor which is capable to grate complete coconut in 4-5 minutes.
There are 2-speed modes and 1 push button to complete your task.
The product is compact and requires less space in the kitchen.


7. Potato/Pav Bhaji Masher 

Newly designed potato/pav bhaji masher is a handy and useful kitchen tool.
With this tool, your hands will not hurt anymore especially when you are mixing spicy masala in potatoes.
Different uses of this masher are mashing vegetables, pav bhaji, pressing Parata & roti, etc.
Its handle is made of wooden that makes mashing comfortable, easy, and pain-free.
Its stainless steel plate is safe to use and easy for cleaning.


8. Philips Hand Blender

A hand blender is a quick solution of blending ingredients like spinach, dal, Dalia, making soups, wiping creams, eggs, etc.
You can easily blend cold and hot ingredients both.
There is a wall bracket along with this blender to hold the product safely in the kitchen.
There are different blades to perform different tasks with the help of a push-button.
250W motor is capable of blending hard ingredients.
Cleaning of this blender is very easy. You just need to wash its surface with water after every use.


9. Vegetable and Fruit Chopper Cutter Grater Slicer

A vegetable chopper is a must-have tool in your kitchen.
This is a multipurpose tool because chopping, dicing, cutting, peeling, slicing is possible with this single kitchen gadget.
The blades are of different shapes, you can give any shape to your vegetables and fruit.
Stainless steel blades are sharp, safe, and easy to use.
The push-button maintains hygiene and makes everything effortless while chopping.
You can also use this chopper as a container.

10. Automatic Pan Stirrer

Automatic pan stirrer allows you to do a billion other things while making soups, gravy, porridge, sauces, etc.
You always feel a third hand help you in the kitchen without giving any attention.
Place this stirrer in the pan or pot, turn it on, and set the timer. Now automatic stirrer stirs in both directions without any break.
You could set the timer up to 10 minutes and choose any speed mode out of three.
There might be a problem with stirring thick liquids.


11. Warming Butter Knife and Spreader

Spreading cold butter, jam, cheese has never been easier.
The technology of a warming knife will do it for you without any battery and electricity because of the heat transfers from your body to the knife that spreads everything easily and quickly.
Its serrated edge is also helpful in coming out of the cold butter and fine curls through the edge are helpful for spreading the butter.

12.  Silicone Lid

A silicone lid is a multipurpose gadget. This spill stopper also works as a microwave lid, steamer lid, storage lid, and splatter guard.
There is no need to give attention every time while boiling anything.
Put this spill stopper over milk, rice, pasta, ghee, tea, soups, etc at the time of boiling.
By doing so, you will not find burned-on spills and mess over your cooktop.

Some of these appliances are already adorning my kitchen and some are attracting me so badly that I am going to add them soon. What's your view about these gadgets?

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