Healthy Makhana Kheer  Recipe | Phool Makhana Kheer is a milk-based pudding made with Makhana (Fox nuts and milk). And, I am calling it healthy, as it is made without refined sugar. Instead, a healthy alternative has been used to sweeten it up.

Along with step-by-step photos, a perfect ratio of ingredients will help you in making this creamy delight delightfully.

This kheer is a delicacy on its own and is equally preferred in religious ceremonies as well in parties and get-togethers. It is a must to make kheer on Janamashtmi or in Navratras.

Makhana kheer recipe

Kheer, which means a milk pudding to which some grain or fruit is added is, in fact, one of the oldest delicacies in India. North Indians call it Kheer whereas, in South India, it is called Payasam. Do you know, it is popularly known as Lord’s Food meaning it is the favorite of Gods and Goddesses. It is often offered as Prasad in religious ceremonies. Rice kheer is a special favorite of Lord Shiva.

I think, there is hardly any Indian house where Kheer is not prepared, either on festivals or just like that. And our house is no exception. However, the texture of Kheer varies from house to house. No fixed way of making it. Some like it runny whereas others prefer kheer of creamy texture. We too, like a thick and creamy Kheer which takes as good as 2 hours in getting ready. 

Apart from Makhana and Rice, our next favorite is Gajar Ki Kheer (Carrot Kheer). This Kheer is a winter delicacy and tastes good only when piping hot. So, if all other types of Kheer are for summers then this Gajar ki kheer is reserved for winters. Do give it a try when the season comes.


 During Fasts

However, during fasts, the most popular kheer is of Makhana (Foxnuts).

Rice or Vermicelli kheer is not allowed in fasts as these are grains. During fasts, you can make one more Kheer, that is APPLE KHEER as it gets ready very quickly and tastes good too.



Apart from the fact that Makhana kheer is the most popular kheer during fasts, there are innumerable benefits of his kheer:


Traditional Recipe

Coming back to our recipe, Makhana kheer is, of course, a simple one where milk is reduced to which makhana has been added. Nowadays people have started adding condensed milk to the kheer to speed up the process but I still cook it the traditional way and therefore preparing Kheer from 2-liter milk takes exactly 2 hours.


 Without Refined Sugar

The only change I have done is of sugar. Makhana Kheer is a very healthy dessert but sugar is the culprit and makes it unhealthy. So, why not avoid it?

Therefore, this time instead of refined sugar, I added Rock sugar which we call ‘ Kunja Misri’ or ‘Dhaga Mishri’ in our native language. This rock sugar is unrefined and has many medicinal benefits too. I will discuss the details of this some other time else the post of kheer will get diverted. However, if you do not get rock sugar then you can use brown sugar or Boora sugar.

 Boora sugar is powdered cane sugar and is therefore good to use. 


The proportion of Ingredients 

For every 1-litre milk, use 50 g Makhana and 100 g Rock Sugar


My Tips For Making Makhane Ki Kheer

Along with the recipe, I have also come up with the ratio of milk, makhana and sugar and certain tips for making this divine sweet. These ratios work perfectly every time.



  Step By Step Recipe

Roast Makhanas
Preparing Makhana kheer


Makhana kheer is ready


Special Tip: A kheer is not complete till the vessel in which it is cooked is licked with fingers and is spic spac clean. So, don’t skip this :)-

Makhana Kheer


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  1. You took me to my Mom’s place as she fondly cooks Makhane ki kheer whenever I’m home. I love your recipe too.

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