Farali Chivda recipe | Falahri Namkeen that is healthy, vegan, gluten-free snack is perfect to munch whether fasting or not. Since it is made in an air fryer, therefore, is made in just 1 teaspoon of oil and that too for coating the spices on it. 

This Farali Chivda has a mix of Sabudana, Makhana, nuts and potato juliennes and is crunchy munchy. It is difficult to keep your hands off once started eating.

Enjoy this healthy snack made in air fryer during fasts or non-fasts.

Farali Chivda recipe


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Farali Chivda For Fasts

6th day of Blog Chatters A2Z Challenge and it also happens to be the start of the holy Navratri period of 9 days. Navrati, falling in the month of March/April, marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. This festival is known as Ugadi in South India. As most of the people in different parts of India would be fasting so I have come up with a recipe for fasts.

And this recipe is Farali Chivda which means a snack that can be eaten during fasts.

This Chivda is a mix of various things like sago, nuts, potato julienne, curry leaves, and some rock salt. It is a crunchy munchy snack which once you start eating, becomes difficult to take your hands off from it. A very light and delicious snack.


Make-Ahead Snack For Fasting

And the best thing is that you can make it before Navratri or other fasts and enjoy during fasts. It remains good easily for 10 to 15 days but will it be there till then?

Normally, this Chivda is made by deep-frying various ingredients and then mixing everything with salt. But mine is a healthy version as always. I have made this in an air fryer which means everything is roasted/air-fried without oil and then while mixing, just 1 tsp oil is added so that salt sticks to it. Thus, totally a healthy mixture/Chivda.


Sabudana Used In This Recipe

In this Chivda, my main ingredient is Sago Pearls (Sabudana). Sago Pearls come in various sizes and for making this Chivda we need the one which is large in size, like the one shown in the pic below. This one is ideal for frying. When fried, it pops up, becomes opaque white in colour and is crunchy to bite. But, frying makes it too oily as it absorbs a lot of oil.

Farali Chivda


Chivda In Air Fryer

Once I tried this in my Phillips air fryer and the results were awesome. Since then, every now-n- then I roast it in the air fryer in the morning itself as my son Siddharth loves taking these to his workplace for munching in the late afternoon. Within 10 minutes I get perfect puffed up sago and that too oil-free. Yes, he loves eating it without fasts too.


Ingredients In Farali Chivda

For making this Farali Chivda there is no set ratio of ingredients nor the ingredients are fixed. You add them as per your liking. What is important is the method.


Step By Step Recipe 

14 Responses

  1. Love this healthier version of farali chivda. Have been meaning to buy air-fryer for a while but am not too convinced. Your post has added one more tick in its favor. Thanks Samira.

    1. If you ask me, I am a big fan of airfryer. Right from koftas to cashews, poha etc, french fries, Muffins, Cakes and what not is being done in this wonder appliance. In fact, I have a full post dedicated to airfryer pros and cons. If interested will share the link😊

  2. It looks lovely! I want to try this out but have just one doubt – don’t these light things like makhana and sago fly around and stick to the heating element up inside the airfryer? Would be great if you can share your tips on cleaning also, if that happens. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Thank you so much for liking it. Yes, sago and makhana fly and dance at full speed in the air fryer ut thy don’t stick there. Also, take care that while checking in between, first switch off the air fryer then take out the basket else they will be all over on the kitchen platform. Cleaning is simple when it cools down fully then take a damp cloth and wipe the element. But ensure that it is plugged off before doing so.

      1. Ah thank you! So just to be sure – in the 5-7 mins that the sago should be done in, I should do stop the airfryer and look in between what’s the situation.

        1. I have tried airfrying sago but it starts to burn. Please let me know what I should do, I am using medium sized.

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