3 Cool n Healthy SUMMER SALADS For Hot Days

When one thinks of Salads – the first thing that rings in your mind is the green salad. But if you close your eyes and think of salad, it conjures in the mind, images of a dish rich in veggies and mixed with a lot of other things. Quite likely that if two or more […]

Theme Reveal: A2Z 2020: Healthy Millets For All

Time for Blog chatter’s A2Z Challenge and thus time for us bloggers to reveal our theme for the challenge. In this Theme Reveal: A2Z 2020:, I share with you my theme for this years challenge. Want to know what it is?

Healthy Chana Salad Recipe

chana salad

Chana salad or say chickpea salad is a simple yet very delicious salad. Rich in protein & fibre, it is gluten-free, vegan and good for weight watchers too.

Healthy Kala Chana Soup | Bengal Gram Soup

Kala Chana soup, filled with the aroma of whole spices, is perfect for chilly days. it is very good for treating cold & cough too

Exotic & Healthy Vegetarian Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad Vegetarian

This cool healthy Pasta salad, loaded with vegetables is a treat in the summers for all. Made without any sauce, this salad is fuss free and guilt free too.

Golden Milk Recipe |Turmeric Milk

Golden Milk Recipe using Turmeric Paste

Golden Milk, made from turmeric, is nature’s tonic to mankind to lead a healthy and disease-free living. Do you know why black pepper and fat must be added to this milk?

21 Easy to Make Recipes To Fight the Quarantine Blues

Sharing with you 21 Recipes To Fight the Quarantine Blues. Because may everything shut down but “Mummy ka Dhaba” is always open.

Palak Soup Recipe | Spinach Soup Clear

Palak Soup recipe

This Palak Soup Recipe | Clear Spinach Soup recipe gives you a light and healthy soup without using spinach leaves. Instead, this is made with Spinach stalks which otherwise go into the bin. 

How to Make Refreshing Lassi At Home | Lemon Flavour

Lemon Lassi recipe

Bursting with the flavours of lemon and mint, Lemon Lassi is a very refreshing and soothing summer drink.

Green Mango Salad | Raw Mango Salad recipe

raw mango salad recipe

Green Mango Salad or Raw Mango Salad recipe is an easy and healthy salad and is a must to have in summers. When temperatures soar, appetite drops, this highly refreshing, fibrous and nutritious salad is wonderful to have. This salad is somewhat similar to Thai Papaya Salad, Som Tam but is much more tangy due to […]