Theme Reveal! Time for Blog chatter’s A2Z Challenge and thus time for us bloggers, who so ever is participating in it,  to reveal our respective themes for the challenge. In this Theme Reveal post, I share with you Its time to reveal my theme for this year’s A2Z Challenge. As is apparent by the name itself, I am sharing about my theme for this year’s challenge. If you are here for the first time, you might be wondering what is this all about? Which theme and challenge I m talking of?

Its mid-March and all the bloggers who are participating in Blogchatters A2Z challenge are busy working on it. Some have already revealed the theme whereas others will be doing it in the next few days. Unlike last year, I am slightly more prepared this year. Posts are still not ready but yes, a broad framework is there in my mind.

Theme Reveal Post For 2020

So, before revealing the theme and talking about it, let me tell you a little about this challenge. A2Z  challenge is an initiative of Blogchatter wherein the participants have to post 26 posts in the month of April and that too in alphabetical order, which means starting with alphabet A on April,1st and ending on 30th April with alphabet Z and thus the name A2Z challenge.

Last year it was my debut and I had a lot of inhibitions as to whether or not I would be able to complete it or not. But thankfully, I managed to complete it. It was a lot of fun, excitement, learning and a phenomenal increase in Alexa ranking. You can read about my experience in that challenge here.

Not only I successfully completed the challenge but also got a chance to publish my very first Ebook, Home Makers To Home Bakers, which was all about baking and baking recipes. The book was a super hit with a record number of downloads. The success of the book followed by the excellent feedbacks and reviews about it boosted my morale and gave me lot of confidence. If you are interested in baking then you can download it by clicking here.

So, this is my second consecutive participation in this challenge. Its too early to say anything about my next Ebook but yes, the theme for the challenge is all set.

My A2Z 2019 Theme: For Kids

Coming to the theme reveal! Last year my theme was Kids favourite recipes. Under that theme, I posted a mix of recipes that kids would love to have any time ranging from Pasta to Pancakes to Muffins to Salads and much more. All these were made in a healthy way which not only the kids would love to eat but mothers would also love to give their children. There was a healthy twist in all the recipes like even in Pasta sauce, veggies were added camouflaged in the tomato-onion puree.  You can check all my 26 recipes under this theme by clicking here.

My A2Z 2020 Theme: For Everyone

Unlike last year, this year my theme is for everyone including all age groups and is still healthier. The recipes would be for a healthy person as well as for not so healthy people like the ones suffering from diabetics, high blood pressure, anemic and so on. Equally good for both? How come?  Any guesses? Ok, I will give you one more clue.

My theme is around something which was very much there in our country in ancient times, even our ancestors enjoyed these thoroughly but thereafter it got lost with the advent of our modern lifestyle. It remained confined to rural areas and was labelled as a poor man’s food or birds feed keeping all its benefits aside. I am sure by now you must have guessed it.

Yes, my theme for this year’s A2Z challenge is MILLETS! Millets for health…Millets for Everyone, thus HEALTHY MILLETS FOR All! Hows it?

Blogchatter A2 2020

Healthy Millets For Everyone

We all are trying out millet recipes but still at times do not understand as to how to use it or for that matter what exactly are millets. So, after doing a lot of homework regarding this I am almost all set to go. I would be sharing with you a lot about millets in the coming month. Along with the recipes, we will also learn about millets, what they are and how beneficial they are for our bodies.

I am really excited to share these millet recipes with you all. As, nowadays, almost daily, some or the other millet is being cooked in my kitchen, so I can assure you that these recipes are not only healthy but are overloaded with deliciousness too. Nowhere its like a compromise of health over taste. Right from chapatis, you can have Dosa, Pizza, cakes, bread, salad and many other things. Rice can be easily replaced by various millets and even the usage of wheat can be reduced to a great extent.

I am sure that by the end of April this year, your consumption of wheat and rice will be replaced by healthy millets to a great extent.

So stay tuned for a daily downpour of millet recipes in the month of April. It will be like going back to our roots but wearing the modern age caps. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the new avatar of millets in so many delicacies. Also, these will be easy, day to day recipes that you can easily try out in your kitchen.

I hope you have liked my theme of millets for this year’s A2Z challenge. If yes, then do share this with your friends and dear ones whom you think would be benefitted by these millet recipes.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have liked this recipe then do let me know by leaving a comment below. Your feedback fuels my enthusiasm. You may share this post with your dear ones by clicking on the little buttons below. You may follow me on       Facebook   Pinterest    Twitter   Instagram(#samirasrecipediary) too. for latest recipe updates. Thank you!

Stay Fit… Stay Happy


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  1. Wow, healthy recipes! Excellent theme. This is what we all need during corona outbreak to boost our immunity and thus avoid infections. If we eat healthy, we will strengthen our immune system.Thanks for this 🙂

    1. You are right dear. And the best part is that you will get to see very ordinary day to day recipes which anyone and everyone would like to try. Nothing fancy (except few😊) this time. Thank you so much for liking it.

  2. Wow. I am a millet fan and keep experimenting with the grain for frequent consumption. Can’t wait for your recipes. 😊

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