How To Make Roasted Cashews in Microwave

roasted cashews recipe

Enjoy these oil-free roasted n salted cashews anytime. Roasted in water only without oil these cashews get ready in just 5 minutes to be served warm to your loved ones.

Til Chikki Recipe With Berries & Jaggery

Til Chikki Recipe

Til chikki with oats & berries is a complete health package. Addition of berries transports this Til chikki to an exotic level. Sharing tips to make perfect brittle Chikki.

Lentil Stuffed Tomato Recipe

Vegan Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomato recipe, where tomatoes are stuffed with cooked chana dal and are then baked. Since these have only tomatoes, lentils and oil, therefore, these are vegetarian as well as vegan also. This is a Jain recipe as there is neither onion nor garlic. Winters, in terms of food, is special for us in many […]

Gajar Ki Kheer | Carrot Kheer

Gajar Ki Kheer Recipe

Gajar ki kheer is a light and quick version of carrot halwa. Carrots cooked in milk with clarified butter and sugar tastes divine.

How to Store Peas For Long Time

how to store peas

Sharing with you an easy and foolproof method of storing fresh peas for summers. I have been using this method for the past many years and is a hit. My method of storing peas involves 3 basic steps: Peel—– Pack—– Freeze  Winters and peas go hand in hand. Think of winters and the very first […]