Sharing with you an easy and foolproof method of storing fresh peas for summers. I have been using this method for the past many years and is a hit.

My method of storing peas involves 3 basic steps:

Peel—– Pack—– Freeze

How to Store Peas For Summers

 Winters and peas go hand in hand. Think of winters and the very first veggie that pops up in our minds is peas. 

Why Store Peas

So, how about storing peas in winters and avail the tasty benefits in summers?

How To Store Peas in the Freezer?

Here, I share with you the simplest and most effective method of storing peas. I, myself have been using this method for years now. Foolproof method. 


How to Use Frozen Peas


How long can I store peas like this?



Q) Don’t I have to boil these before storing in the freezer?

No. If you boil these then you need to dry these properly as moisture may ruin the peas when stored for a long time. But why take these extra steps of boiling and drying, when you can store them perfectly without that.

Q) Don’t I have to wash the peas in fresh water before storing them in the freezer?

No. Do not rinse the peas in water. Simply, peel and store.

Q) How can I use peas without rinsing in water?

After taking them out of the freezer, we put them in the freshwater first. So, like this, they get rinsed too.


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I hope you have liked this method of storing peas in the freezer and will surely try it out.

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