Ultimate Sprouted Ragi Cutlets

sprouted ragi cutlets

Sprouted Ragi Cutlets are ultimate in taste as well in nutrition. And the unique thing is that these cutlets have a continental touch.

Jowar Masala Roti | Koki Roti

Jowar Koki Roti

Jowar Masala Roti or say Jowar Koki Roti is one of the easiest and yummiest preparations using Jowar flour. Koki Roti is a very flavourful one as it is full of herbs, spices and veggies.

Healthy Jowar Puffs

Jowar Popcorns

Jowar Puffs is a healthy and guilt-free snack made without any oil or ghee and gets ready very quickly.

Litti Chokha Recipe

Litti Chokha recipe

Litti Chokha recipe, that too, with gluten-free Litti is a healthy treat in itself. The recipe is shared with step by step pics and some secret tips as well.

Millet Kebab with Oats

Millet and oats kebab

Millet & Oats Kebabs are truly healthy as these are made with millet, oats and veggies only without using any potatoes. You can make them ahead and freeze

Jowar Raabdi Recipe

Jowar Raabdi Recipe

Jowar Buttermilk, an excellent natural coolant to protect you from harsh summer winds. Have it in the morning at breakfast and it acts as an umbrella when you go out in the sun.