Bread Dahi Vada at Home | Oil-Free | No-Cook


These no-cook Dahi Vadas taste as good as the ones made with lentils provided you take certain precautions. These are a boon for anyone who is pressed of time or avoids fried food.

How To Make Modak At Home Easily

Easy Modak recipes & one dry Prasad recipe to please Lord Ganesha. These recipes are easy and quick to make with easily available ingredients

How To Make Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake recipe, that is made in the freezer rather than an oven. Step by step pics with detailed instructions makes it a full proof recipe.

13 Easy Cooking Without Fire Recipes

Easy Cooking Without Fire Recipes For Children is a topic often looked up to whether its a fireless competition in school or you want to introduce cooking to your darlings or when you are not in a mood of heavy cooking.

Zucchini Rolls | Vegetarian Zucchini Recipes |

Zucchini Salad rolls

Zesty Zucchini Salad Rolls are elegant to look at, easy to make, wonderful to serve, healthy to eat and a no-cook recipe. Its a recipe which proves the idiom, good things comes in small packages

Guilt-Free Mango Yogurt Lollies | Mango Popsicle recipe

Yogurt loliies

These Guilt-Free Mango Yogurt Lollies are crystal free, easy to make, with a sweet tangy taste, yummy and totally guilt-free. Believe me, something you must try, because unless you have it you can’t believe how heavenly it is.

Petha Coconut laddoo with Magic Centre

Paan Coconut Ladoo Recipe

These coconut laddoos are one of the easiest, simplest and no-cook laddoos which also get ready in a jiffy. They are appealing in looks, colourful and tasty at the same time. Make it for festivals or for guests or just to satisfy your own sweet tooth.     Variations Since it is a no-cook recipe, it […]

Ice Cream Sundae Recipes For Hot Days

Icecream  Sundae recipes that are easy to make and are sure to please your loved ones. Simple looking ice cream turns gorgeous and exotic when decked up with syrups or sauces or nuts or wafers/biscuits or cakes or fruits etc etc. and thus gets a new name called Ice Cream Sundae.  It is so very […]