Mango Sorbet recipe, without any cream or yogurt, made with frozen mangoes, is as good as eating the mango ice cream but without any guilt of calories.

An easy yet heavenly delicious recipe that is made with just three ingredients.

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Mango Sorbet recipe

Love For Mangoes

With mangoes all around it becomes difficult to choose whether to eat these as it is or turn them into a dessert or salad or something savory. I can have mangoes anytime and all the time throughout summers.

Ok, what all do you make using mangoes? If you ask me, then one thing that I make daily is Mango Shake. And believe me, I have at least  2 glasses at a go. And my mango shake has more of mangoes with less milk. Well, other than a shake, I make lot many delicacies with this king of fruits. I have already shared the recipes of Mango Cake,  Mango Chocolate Cake,  Mango TartsMango Yogurt, Mango Sago Pudding ,  Mango Yogurt Lollies with you, and today it is Mango Sorbet!

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Mango Sorbet At My Place

Mango Sorbet is simply loved by all of us. Swirling cool and soft mango sorbet is something we all enjoy. Also, as there is hardly any sugar, so even my husband can take it without any guilt. I have tried it in 2 different ways. One was made with mango puree and the other was with frozen mangoes. Both require freezing it for 2 times, results were good in both the cases but the one with the frozen mangoes is slightly better, therefore sharing the same with you.


Health Benefits Of  Mangoes

Do you know that apart from the taste, it is really good to eat mangoes?

Mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and thus are really beneficial for us in a variety of ways, including anticancer effects. They improve our immunity and digestion along with taking good care of our eyes, skin, and hair.

You can read more in detail about the benefits of mangoes here.


What is Sorbet?

Now, in case you are wondering as to what Sorbet is, is it different from ice cream then let’s quickly go through as to what exactly a Sorbet is.

Sorbet is a frozen dessert that is made with fruit puree or juice and some sweetener. No dairy products are used in sorbet. Thus, sorbets are by nature vegan only. You can make sorbet from any fruit be it mango, berries, watermelon, orange, or any other fruit.


How is it Made?

Ideally, to make sorbet, fruit puree is mixed with sugar syrup and little alcohol too. Now, whatever is added to it has a reason, has a science behind it. Alcohol is added to lower the freezing point and thus have softer sorbets. In place of alcohol, honey or corn syrup can also be added.

Similarly, sugar is added more because of the texture than just sweetness. It is added in a set ratio. If sugar is more then the sorbet will not freeze and will be slushy. If sugar is less than you will feel ice crystals.

But still, i have made this sorbet with very little honey and am happy we can have it as much as we like and that too without carrying any guilt. I have tried this without honey too and the result is perfect.

Mango Sorbet recipe


How To Make Mango Sorbet

Tip: Initially, run the food processor on pulse mode for 3 to 4 times. This will break the mango pieces further and thus will ease in mixing it.


Serving Suggestions

Sorbets taste good if they are soft and smooth. Once taken out of the freezer, it is really rock hard, therefore wait for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the weather. When it softens up a little, so that it is scoopable easily then scoop out bright yellow balls and serve to your darlings.


Step By Step Recipe

Before proceeding, I like to repeat that more than the recipe, it is the method of making mango sorbet, that I am sharing here. Hardly, any ingredients are there, and you need to adjust the quantity of honey and lemon juice as per your taste and according to the taste of mangoes.

Chop and freeze mangoes

puree frozen mangoes

Tip: At this stage, you can fill this Mango cream in Tarts too.

Mango cream is ready

set in freezer

mango sorbet is ready


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What type of mangoes are best for making Sorbet?


Q) What is the benefit of making Mango Sorbet with Frozen Mangoes?

Apart from the taste, one more thing I like about using frozen mangoes is that you can enjoy mango sorbet even mangoes are not around. What I mean is that freeze lots of mango cubes when mangoes are there. These frozen mangoes will remain good for upto 6 to 8 months in the freezer. So, anytime you wish to have mango sorbet, just take out few pieces and make this mangolicious sorbet.


Q) In the absence of food processor, how to make it?

Then, use your mixer grinder.


Q) How to make it vegan?

Replace honey with maple syrup.


Q) Sorbet Vs Granita

Sorbet and Granita are closely related in the sense that both are made using same set of ingredients. Means, suppose you started making sorbet and later you change your mind and want to have Granita, then it is easily possible. And vice-versa too. How?

This is because, difference lies in their texture. Sorbet is smooth and creamy. On the other hand, Granita is rough and flaky. While freezing, the layers are scraped repeatedly and thus resemble more like ice flakes. Have a look at Litchi Granita and the difference will be clear to you.

Q) Mango Sorbet Or Mango Ice cream?

Though mango sorbet looks like mango ice cream only but actually it is not. It is sorbet only. The simple reason is that ice cream does have milk or cream in it. No milk, no cream means no ice cream.


Q) How To Eat Mango Sorbet?

You must be wondering what am I saying.  Well, you may eat it the way you like, no rule as to that. But for once try my method too. Put a dollop of softened mango sorbet in your mouth, close your eyes, now gently swirl this mango delight up and down and sideways in your mouth. Try to keep it away from the monster teeth and let your tongue enjoy it fully. Believe me, you will be transported into a  kingdom of bliss. Try it!


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I hope you have liked this Mango Sorbet recipe and will surely try it out for your loved ones.

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Easy Mango Sorbet

A mangolicious recipe of mango sorbet with just 3 ingredients.
Prep Time 10 mins
Freezing Time 4 hrs
Course Dessert
Cuisine Fireless
Servings 4


  • 250 g Chopped Mangoes
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice Optional
  • 1 Tbsp Honey Optional


  • After washing and peeling mangoes, just chop them into small pieces. Put these pieces in a tray or plate such that these are not overlapping.
  • Pop this plate in the freezer for 4 to 6 hours or till the mangoes are frozen.
  • At this stage, once frozen, you can also put these in the zip lock bag, as now these will not stick to each other. These will remain good in the freezer for up to 6 to 8 months.
  • Put the frozen mangoes in the food processor. Add honey and lemon juice depending upon the taste of mangoes.
  • Secure the lid and begin processing.Initially, blitz it 3-4 times for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Incase the fruit sticks into the blade of the processor, stop the machine, separate it and continue processing.
  • Process until the mango is completely smooth like ice cream.
  • Check for the sweetness, If satisfied then transfer it to a container.
  • Cover the container with lid or aluminium foil and again keep this in freezer for 4 to 6 hours or till frozen.
  • Take it out of the freezer at least 15 minutes before serving as it tastes best when slightly smooth.
  • Scoop out creamy balls.
  • Serve with love and only love.


  1. Adjust the quantities of mangoes, lemon juice and honey as per your requirements.
  2. This is more of sharing a method to make sorbet rather than recipe.
  3. Always cover the container of frozen mango puree with foil or lid before placing it in the freezer. This is done to avoid the formation of crystals in the sorbet.
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