How to Make Poha Namkeen

Poha Namkeen in Air Fryer

Making delicious and healthy Poha Namkeen is a quick recipe as it gets ready in just 10 minutes. And the best thing is that it is roasted. So, next time you have guests, by the time you prepare tea/coffee, your snack item will also be ready.   Call it Poha Namkeen or Chiwda Namkeen or […]

Leftover Chapati Upma

Roti Upma Recipe

Roti Upma is a very healthy, simple and quick snack made with leftover or fresh chapatis. It is also good for feeding children who are not interested in having normal chapatis.

Hot n Crispy Pinwheel Sandwich Recipe

Pinwheel Sandwich recipe

Pinwheel Sandwich is a complete starter in itself having tomato ketchup, coriander dip and potatoes as well. And when served hot it is sure to win hearts…

Lip Smacking Cheesy Vegetable Croquettes

Vegetable Cheese Croquettes

Veg croquettes with melting cheese in the centre are too hard to resist. These croquettes are a wonderful combination of veggies, soya granules and roti (chapati) crumbs and of course cheese. Thus fibre, protein and carbs, everything is under one roof. This is an awesome, all age favourite party starter. Also, very good to have […]

Exotic & Healthy Vegetarian Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad Vegetarian

This cool healthy Pasta salad, loaded with vegetables is a treat in the summers for all. Made without any sauce, this salad is fuss free and guilt free too.