Air-Fried Idli Chaat | Leftover Idli recipes

idli chaat

Air fried Idli Chaat is a perfectly healthy, low-calorie snack, perfect for any time munching and a great party appetizer too. Also, a great substitute for Dahi Vadas which are generally fried.

Roasted Soybeans: Healthy-Crunchy-Delicious

roasted soybean in air fryer

Roasted Soyabean, light, crunchy and delicious, is indeed a healthy, guilt-free snack for any time munching. Have a fistful of it daily with your tea or coffee and fulfil your daily requirement.

Healthy French Fries in Air fryer

Healthy French Fries in Air Fryer

Making French fries in the air fryer is easy, hassle-free and gives perfect crispy fries, that too guilt-free. If you were avoiding French fries because they were deep-fried and are full of calories then this post is for you. If you were avoiding French fries as it involved a very lengthy process of soaking, frying […]

Sattu Kebab Recipe in Air fryer | Sattu Atta Recipes

Sattu Kebab recipe

Easy peasy Sattu n Veggies Kebab: Healthy n Tasty, made from wonder flour sattu and lots of veggies are full of fiber and nourishment. Along with host of other health benefits these are excellent for Diabetics also as sattu has a very low Glycemic Index.

Lentil Stuffed Tomato Recipe

Vegan Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomato recipe, where tomatoes are stuffed with cooked chana dal and are then baked. Since these have only tomatoes, lentils and oil, therefore, these are vegetarian as well as vegan also. This is a Jain recipe as there is neither onion nor garlic. Winters, in terms of food, is special for us in many […]