Make Hung Curd at Home easily in your own kitchen with the method shared here. All it needs is curd and a few hours!

Sharing with you everything about Hung Curd including a super easy method as to how to make it.

Making the hung curd is really simple. Traditionally, people used a muslin cloth to make hung curd. But I find using a colander a much simpler and better option. How to use a colander? Just wait, first, let’s see what hung curd is actually.

Hung Curd


What is Hung Curd? Hung Curd Meaning

Hung Curd is a miraculous ingredient. It is not only loaded with health benefits but is the main ingredient in many delicious dishes. It works wonders for the digestive system and acts as a coolant in summers.

Hung curd simply means curd from which all water has been removed. Yes, when we remove all the water content from curd it is called hung curd. It is also known as Chakka Dahi

The quantity of water content and time to remove it depends on the consistency of your curd.


  Benefits of Hung Curd

Curd is better than milk. And hung curd is better than curd. If I list some of the benefits of hung curd then these are:


 Step by Step Photos

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hung curd


 Hung Curd


Hung Curd


Note: For making Dahi kabab and cheesecake, you need to keep the curd longer in the strainer. In fact, toss it in between. Ensure that almost all the water in it drains out.


Some Recipes With Hung Curd 

With hung curd as the base, you can make many interesting dishes. Famous Dahi kebabs are made with hung curd only. You can make hung curd sandwiches or cheesecake or dips. Hung curd dips are very popular as they are low in calories and rich in nutrient content. Some of the delicious dishes that you can prepare using this hung curd are:


What is Whey? 

Whey is nothing but a by-product of hung curd. Whenever you make hung curd, you will be having Whey!

Water that gets collected in the bowl after preparing the hung curd is called ‘Whey’.

Again this water is very nutritious, so please! Do not throw away this whey.


  Uses of Whey

It is quite sour in taste and can be used for many purposes. Fill it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator and use for any of the following purposes :



Q) Is hung curd and Greek yogurt the same?

To some extent yes. But hung curd is made from curd (dahi) whereas Greek yogurt is made using yogurt. But as both are thick and creamy so these can be used interchangeably.

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Q) What is the shelf life of hung curd?

You can keep it in an airtight container in the refrigerator or up to 2 to 3 days.

Q) Is the nutritional value of hung curd is better than regular curd?

A) Yes. Hung curd is low in carbs and rich in protein.


Q) Hung curd gets ready in how much time?

A) The quantity of water content and time to remove it depends on the consistency of your curd. It may take anywhere between 2 hours to 6 hours. Therefore, it is better to leave it overnight in the refrigerator.


Q) Can I make hung curd with low-fat curd?

A) Yes, you can make it with whatever curd you have. The purpose is to remove water from it and it can be done from any curd, be it low fat or otherwise.


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