Watermelon Slushie or frozen watermelon juice, a magical drink that is made without using ice, sugar, color, or essence! Perfect for summers!
Call it Watermelon Slushie or Watermelon Drink or Watermelon Sorbet, but one thing remains the same that it is one of the best summer coolants, perfect to beat the heat. 
 This recipe is Fireless as well as vegan!
Watermelon Slush
Watermelon Slushie

My  Watermelon Slushie recipe is very simple and straightforward. It’s a just 2 ingredient recipe, one of which is of course Watermelon.

Watermelon itself is refreshing and when you have it in the semi-frozen state then its taste is just unparalleled. I think with such lovely natural drinks around, do we really need mocktails?

Just like this one, my Mango Sorbet and Litchi Granita are made easily without any ice cream maker and are a must-try in the season.


Everyone in my family loves watermelon juice as it’s really refreshing and tastes superb too. I normally take out the juice a few hours before serving and keep it in the refrigerator.

Once I kept it in the freezer for quick cooling. And, I forgot! When kids asked for something to drink then I rushed to the freezer and it was half-frozen by that time. I quickly tried to break the ice crystals with a fork and served that half-frozen half-liquidy slushie to them. And it was a HIT! They demanded more of it and since then it has become a regular at our place during summers.

Give this refreshing Watermelon Slush to your darlings after they come back from school and they will be immediately get charged and rejuvenated. And the best part is that they can have as much as they want.


Step by Step Recipe

A.  Watermelon Juice

How to make Watermelon Juice


B. Making Slushie with the Juice

How to make watermelon Slushie

Tip: Add salt only at the time of serving. Do not add it earlier else the taste will be spoiled. You may add finely chopped fresh mint also at the time of serving.





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I am sure that you will try out this easy, yummy, and healthy watermelon drink recipe for your darlings.

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Watermelon Slushie Recipe

One of the best summer coolants, perfect to beat the heat.
Course Drinks


  • Watermelon As much as you like
  • Rock Salt As per taste (Kala Namak)
  • Remove the rind and roughly chop watermelon.


  • Put the chopped pieces in the blender and run it for few seconds till it gets pureed fully. No, no need to take out the seeds. And do not add any water while blending.
  • Strain this juice. Hardly will you get any pulp but its done to get rid of the seeds.
  • Put this juice in a shallow tray and off to the freezer.
  • After 4 yo 5 hours (more or less, depending on the weather and your refrigerator) when it is set partially, meaning the top layer is set with liquid beneath it. Take it out, fluff with fork.
  • Add rock salt and serve. It tastes like ''Chuski'' and is realy very refreshing.
  • Add salt only at the time of serving. Do not add it earlier else the taste will be spoiled.

Variation: Avoid salt and make it sweet. If the watermelon is too sweet then do not add anything and just semi-freeze its juice. In case it's not so sweet, then add little sugar powder while grinding only. Or you may add Rose syrup instead of sugar powder.


    1. If the watermelon juice is left for long in the freezer and it gets frozen then leave it on the kitchen counter for a few minutes and then fluff with a fork.
    2. Alternatively, you can put it in the food processor (or blender) and pulse it for a few seconds. Drinks
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