Lychee Sorbet recipe is a frozen dessert made with just 3 ingredients. This cool and refreshing dessert gives you instant respite from the heat and even the ordinary air from the fan turns into a gush of a cool breeze.

Icy cool lychee sorbet with bite-size pieces of lychee is a dessert of its own kind. A spoonful of it gives you the taste of lychee juice with tiny pieces of lychee to chew at the same time. There are no ice crystals. All you have is some juice and some pieces.

In this vegan and fireless recipe, neither sugar is added nor Lychee juice is extracted. It is as good as eating whole seedless Lychee.

lychee granita


I look forward to summers because of the delectable fruits it brings along with it. After mangoes, Lychee is perhaps the second next fruit I enjoy whole-heartedly.  Had it not required peeling, I don’t know how much had I eaten at one go.

I try to make full use of it by eating as much Lychee as I can. And this time I tried making Lychee Sorbet and loved that too.

By the way, just a second! How do you write lychee? Litchi or lychee or lytchi? Asked just like that, out of curiosity, nothing else :)-

Apart from mangoes, lychee, and watermelon, I have tried desserts with almost all other fruits too. One of the other easy peasy desserts is CHERRY COBBLER. The name, as well as the looks of this dessert, are highly conflicting with the recipe. Whosoever has tried it has agreed that it’s a very easy recipe. You try it too before cherries are out of sight.


Lychee Sorbet or Granita

Having liked my MANGO SORBET and WATERMELON SLUSH, I thought of trying Lychee sorbet too. I was not comfortable in taking out Lychee juice and then freezing it, and probably that is the reason I did not try it all these years. And then suddenly, I got to see an altogether different way of making Litchi sorbet here and it immediately appealed to me.

So, taking the idea I made it my way and just loved it. But after I made it, it was not at all smooth or creamy. Rather, it was icy and flaky just like ice shavings. And it looked more like Granita instead of sorbet.

So, call it Lychee Sorbet or Lychee Granita but it is no way Lychee ice cream!

Yes, if you are interested in making Lychee slush then you can make it with Lychee juice and freeze it partially, just like in WATERMELON SLUSH.


How To Make 


 Step By Step Recipe

Take out lychee pulp and keep it n a plate.

deseed litchi


freeze Lychee

Pulse it in the food processor


freeze the mix

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Q) Is it Lichi ice cream?

No, it’s not Litchi ice cream as it has neither milk nor cream.

Q) This recipe has no sugar added to it? 

Some fruits are best enjoyed the way they are! All of you will agree with me that nature has made this fruit overly sweet. Your hands get sticky with its juice as if you dipped them in a sugar solution. Then, is there any need of adding extra sugar to it? Won’t this already ultra-sweet fruit become sweet beyond the limit and lose all its taste?

So, I just do not add sugar of any kind, be it honey or stevia.

Q) How To Store Lychee In Freezer For Winters?

Yes, with this recipe you can store lychees in your freezer and enjoy it when they vanish from the market. After peeling and deseeding lychees, first, freeze them by laying in a plate such that they are slightly apart from each other. Once frozen, put them in a ziplock bag and freeze it. The reason for first placing in the plate is that this way they will not clump to each other.

Q) Sorbet Vs Granita

I have already discussed with you that these two forms of cold desserts vary from each other in my earlier posts, but still a recap for those who missed out on that.

Sorbet and Granita are closely related in the sense that both are made using the same set of ingredients. Means, suppose you started making sorbet and later you change your mind and want to have Granita, then it is easily possible. And vice-versa too. How? This is because the difference lies in their texture. Sorbet is smooth and creamy. On the other hand, Granita is rough and flaky. While freezing, the layers are scraped repeatedly and thus resemble more like ice flakes.

Q) I do not have a food processor, then how to make it?

In the absence of a food processor, use the blender. But then wait for a few minutes before blending. Also, use the PULSE function or blitz it in spurts.


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I hope you have liked this Lychee Sorbet recipe and will surely try it out for your loved ones.

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Lychee Sorbet Recipe

A guilt-free frozen dessert made with lychees.
Prep Time 5 mins
Course Dessert


  • 500 g Lychees
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice
  • Few Mint Sprigs


  • Take out lychee pulp and keep it n a plate.
  • Squeeze lemon juice all over it. Doesn't matter whether you mix it or not. Lemon juice lends a slightly tanginess to the otherwise sweet lychees.
  • Put this in the freezer until frozen.
  • At this stage, you can put it in a ziplock bag and return to freezer to enjoy later when the season of lychees has gone. Remains good for up to 4 months.
  • Or, take out and process it in the food processor. In a short while, it will be like snow.
  • Put this mixture in an airtight container and return to the freezer for a few hours or till set fully.
  • Scoop out, sprinkle some mint leaves.
  • Serve with love.
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