Prepare Whipped cream with these tips and I assure you, if you follow these, making whipped cream will be a breeze for you.

Snowy white, light n fluffy, whipped cream is amazing. Everything is excellent about it be it Its taste, texture, or looks.

Though making whipped cream is easy but you need to keep in mind certain important things.

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream


Ganache and whipped cream frosting are my favorite. I love licking this cream and when added to cakes, I just can’t stop myself.

Whipped cream, apart from being used for frosting on cakes is used with so many other desserts and also for many other purposes. Like, I love adding it to my cold coffee. Just add a little and see the magical difference in your cold coffee.

Actually, just a few days back while posting my Rasmalai cake, I realized the need for an altogether separate post on How to make Whipped Cream for cake at home. Also, the queries of my dear readers regarding it prompted me to take quick action.

While Whipping cream you will see many stages to it. From liquid to slightly thickened, then soft peaks, and finally stiff peaks. The transformation is spectacular!


Tips For Perfect Outcome

Step By Step Method

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream


Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream


Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream

Tips For Making Perfect Whipped Cream



Q) Which cream should I use for making whipped cream?

A) For excellent results, use non-dairy heavy whipping cream as it has a higher fat content and is thus whipped beautifully. Some commonly popular brands are Rich, Tropolite.

Q) How should I store whipping cream?

A) Always keep your heavy whipping cream carton in the freezer. Yes, it will be frozen. So, whenever you plan to use it, keep the carton in the refrigerator the night before. Thaw it in the refrigerator only. Never keep it outside.


Q)  One cup of heavy whipping cream remains the same or increases in volume after getting whipped?

A) 1 Cup whipping cream becomes almost 1.5 to 2 cups of whipped cream.


Q) What are the different uses of whipped cream?

A) Whipped cream is versatile and other than for frosting on cakes, it can be used in many other ways. Some of the recipes using whipping cream are:


Q) Why icing sugar is added to whipped cream?

A) Icing sugar is not just powdered sugar. In fact, it has cornstarch added to it in appropriate quantity to prevent it from clumping/ caking. So when you add icing sugar, a little amount of cornstarch is automatically added to the cream which in turn acts as a stabilizer.


Q) Can I skip icing sugar while making whipped cream?

A) Yes. In that case, use powdered sugar and add cornflour while whipping cream. Cornflour acts as a stabilizing agent and keeps the cream stiff for a long period of time. Whipping cream is naturally sweet, so add sugar cautiously.


Q) Can I make whipped cream by using a balloon whisk?

A) Well, beating it with a balloon whisk or say hand whisk requires time, patience, and lots of effort.
And I have neither of these especially when making cake, I am always in a hurry… hard-pressed for time.
So, I beat it using an electric beater only and the job gets done in 5 to 6 minutes.


Q) Why is it necessary to shake the carton before taking out the cream?

A)  Really necessary because the thick cream settles down and only thin cream or say its liquid remains at the top. Unless you shake the carton, you get this thin cream that cannot be whipped.


Q) How to stabilize whipped cream?

A) Some people add stabilizers like gelatin or cream of tartar to the cream to retain its stiff peaks but I don’t.


Q) How do I know whether my cream is whipped or I need to whip more?

A) Beat till you see stiff peaks. when you lift the beater you will be able to see beautiful snowy peaks. Another test is that you invert the bowl in which you are whipping cream. If the cream starts sliding then it needs more whipping. On the other hand, if it remains as it is there then it means it is sufficiently whipped.

However, do not overbeat it else it might curdle. To avoid this keep a check 4 minutes onwards and also do the test as mentioned above

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76 Responses

  1. Hi…Thank you for sharing the basics. Icing sugar has to be added even with non dairy whipping cream like from Rich and all? I was not doing it till now

    1. You are welcome dear.
      Actually, non dairy cream is quite sweet but not sufficient when it comes to frosting.But if you are comfortable without sugar then no need to add.Not at all necessary.

  2. Hey I have learnt alot from u. I am in dubai so which cream do I use. Can I use Dream whip cream. Where need to add water. Pls advice.

    1. Thank you so much dear for your kind words.
      I have no idea about Dubai or Dream whip cream. Local people will be able to guide you better.
      However,check its carton. If mentioned whipping cream then go for it.

  3. Hi Thank you so much for shring the tips. I have a query regarding “For this my advice is that keep the cream in little quantity in 3 or 4 or 5 containers in the freezer.” do we need to take out from the cream carton and keep in 3/4 containers?

    1. Yes, when you thaw it first time then divide it into as many containers as you want. Freeze these containers. Now take one by one and use.

  4. Hey thanks a lot for such a beautifully done blog are doing an awesome job..I just have one question..I want to know which brand non dairy whipping cream do you use?


  5. Hi Samira,
    Much needed info on whipping cream personally , as i am planning to bake a paw patrol cake for my son’s bday next week..I would need a chocolate whipping cream, in that case should i add cocoa powder or anything else … If so what will the quantity… Thanks in advance …

    1. Thanks dear for finding it useful.
      You can add cocoa but it will nit give you the desired colour. Instead use Ganache by adding dark chocolate to cream. Use 2.5 : 1 ratio, ie more chocolate and less cream. When cool, use as desired.

  6. Meri cream wheeped hi nahi hoti aur wo butter ban jati he. Matlab agar kam wipped karu to wo liquid form me hi raheti he aur thoda sa hi jyada karu to wo butter ban jati he

  7. Can you please share the recipe of basic egg n eggless sponge cake…it doesn’t come out as we get in a bakery….plss..

    1. I do only eggless baking. Basic eggless sponge cake recipe, I will be sharing soon. But for now, you can check my Rasmalai cake. Omit thandai powder and add vanilla essence.

  8. How long does it stay when used on cake? Does it leave water? For a cake to be used in evening , what time should be whip and use to decorate?

    1. Remains good easily for a day, needless to say that in refrigerator only.
      You can add little cornflour to the cream to be doubly sure.
      For evening, you can do by afternoon.

    1. Hi, it is advised not to keep it in refrigerator for more than 3-4 days. However, if need be then do so and whip again at the time of frosting.

  9. Hi
    Can we use powdered whipped cream easily available in stores and after making whipped cream can we preserve for later use for how long the same may be kept in refrigirator?

    1. After whipping you can keep it in the refrigerator for a day or teo only depending on the weather. If it loses its stiffness then whip it again. Do not freeze it.
      I have never used powdered whipping cream so sorry, no idea about it.

    1. Thank you so much dear for your kind words. Yes, you can use normal sugar. For icing, powder it first otherwise it won’t dissolve fully.
      Secondly, also add little Cornflour especially in Summers as it acts as a stabilizing agent.

      However for baking you may use normal sugar as it is.

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