This Vegetable Vermicelli Upma recipe is an easy, healthy, and quick recipe, perfect to have in breakfast. 

The Semiya Upma recipe that I am sharing today is made with roasted Semiya and is more like a Pulao and has North Indian touch to it rather than the South Indian style.

Vegetable Vermicelli


As you know, Semiya is a very versatile ingredient and is used equally in sweet as well as savory dishes. I am sure your kids, as well as your other family members, will like this savory version. 

Vegetable Vermicelli is one of my favorite breakfasts. I love vermicelli but only when it is loaded with veggies especially peas. No peas mean no vermicelli Upma for me. Peas render a very different and good taste to these vermicelli. 


Vegetable Vermicelli is being made in our house for ages but my dear hubby never had a liking for it so always made it in his absence. But one day, after having it at his aunt’s place he developed a liking for it. No doubt, she had made it very nicely. Even I liked her preparation very much. Her vermicelli had a bright red color to it as if lots of red chilies had been added. But no, they were not spicy. Then?

Then, as usual, I asked her and the secret ingredient was tomatoes. Like, prior to that I never added tomatoes in my vermicelli. But such a distinctive difference in taste. Also, she made it in a pressure cooker just like Rice Pulao. Just 2 whistles and it’s done. Thereafter, I have been following her recipe only and now it gets on our dining table at least once a week.


Tips For Perfect Outcome


 Step By Step Recipe

roast Vermicelli to golden brown color


Chopped vegetables


steps in making Vegetable Vermicelli


Vegetable Vermicelli

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  1. wow I never knew vermicelli can be made in cooker too, guess what even i had packed vermicelli with varkey and veggie warp in V tiffin today.

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