This Easter, treat your kids, friends, and guests with these Eggless Eggs aka Vegan Eggs. A yummilicious coconut pudding that will be loved by all.

Can you believe that this photo which is looking like an egg is actually a coconut pudding? Any guesses what that yellow thing that looks like egg yolk is? Definitely, it’s not egg yolk. Then? Any guesses?

This coconut milk pudding that looks exactly like eggs is actually a vegan recipe. 

Vegan Eggs recipe
Vegan Coconut Pudding


Vegan Eggs Or Say Plant Eggs

How about having eggless eggs this Easter? I am sure you must be thinking I am crazy or gone berserk with non-stop posting for the BlogchattersA2Z challenge.

So, the good news is that neither crazy nor berserk. I am very much in my senses and have come up with a wonderful innovative recipe for you all to try out this Easter. I am so very thankful to this challenge which forced me to don my thinking cap and come up with something interesting from various alphabets especially D, E. and…no no…wait for that.

These vegan eggs are amazing. Not only the looks but the vegan egg white is as jiggly as the real egg white, the vegan egg yolk is as sticky as that of real yolk.

Now, here’s a short story regarding the making of this recipe which I would like to share. I would love your company till the end but in case you are in a hurry then ‘Jump To Recipe’ key is just above. But I know, you too are getting eager to know about it. So, let’s start.

Actually, I had planned an easy recipe from E like Eggless Strawberry Pudding. And believe me, it’s very yummy. Don’t worry, I will share it may be with S or P or maybe something else.


A Little About Easter

But then recently I met my dear friend Sharon, who is a Catholic and was fasting so there was the mention of Easter.

As you all know, Easter falls in the month of April only, and nowadays Lent (40 days of fasting and prayers before Easter) is going on. Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus after He was crucified on Good Friday by the Romans. Thus the festival of Easter is celebrated with colored eggs, deviled eggs, chocolate eggs, and so on.

The Easter egg is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Having gained all this knowledge from Sharon, I wanted to do something related to Easter, and thus came the idea of Vegan eggs from alphabet E. It appealed to me a lot and began my hunt.


My Hunt For Vegan Egg Yolk

As obvious, I googled and got many ideas for vegan eggs. The ideas were no doubt very good but somehow being very choosy not found them up to my taste. They were of deviled eggs and were savory and I wanted something sweet. Also, I wanted something which not only looked like eggs but tastes good too. Then I started thinking of permutations and combinations. Though vegan egg white was the easiest but we (me and my husband, whom I dragged into this) were toying with various things which could be used as egg yolk. Crumbled cottage cheese was popping up frequently but was not at all convincing.

Then suddenly, my hubby suggested Pineapple. And that’s it. It was final. Even without trying, I knew it would be successful and loved by all. Vanilla Panna Cotta with Pineapple Sauce. What a great and innovative idea. (Excuse me, for bragging!)


Appe Pan As The Moulds

Then the struggle was of molds of an egg shape. Neither do I have the molds nor the time as have to post it on 5th April only. Then while working in the kitchen, my Apple pan got my attention. Not perfect, but still a lot similar. It was basically a ‘jugaad’. Thus, I decided to make my vegan eggs in it.


Perfect Colour Of Vegan Egg Yolks

And today, while making it, another problem was surfaced. What? Egg whites came perfect but the color of vegan yolk aka Pineapple sauce was little towards light yellow and not like that of egg yolk. What to do? Add turmeric? or Saffron? Edible yellow color? A big No.

Suddenly, I was like, Got it! And it worked like charm. I added just half a spoon of custard powder and had the perfect yolk color.

So, this is how I came up with these Vegan Eggs for Easter. The idiom Necessity is the mother of the invention fitted here perfectly. But I am really happy with this outcome.

And the real test was when both my sons as well as my house help had a hard time in believing that these were not real eggs.

Pineapple Sauce is amazing! I recently used it in my Edible Diyas also that I made for Diwali.


A Pudding Without Refined Sugar

Also, these vegan eggs are made without refined sugar. I couldn’t use jaggery or honey or brown sugar as it was necessary to retain the white color. Thus, I added Boora sugar to it. Boora sugar is different from refined sugar, in fact much healthier. Nowadays, at some places, powdered sugar is sold as Boora but if you have ever seen Boora then you will agree that it’s far different than powdered sugar. If I go into more details of Boora then I would deviate from my recipe. But if interested, you may read about Boora sugar here.

Some other Puddings without using Agar that may interest you are:


Step By Step Recipe

Make Coconut Pudding



set coconut pudding in moulds


scoop from the centre


Make Pineapple Sauce

make pineapple sauce
cook pineapple sauce


fill it in scooped coconut pudding


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  1. That’s a cool and innovative dish, Samira. These vegan eggs look so real.
    Tell me, is there any difference between boora sugar and sugar that we powder at home. I recently baked a cake with boora sugar. It turned out exactly like the one with powdered sugar. But the texture of boora sugar is different. What do you think?

    1. Thank you so much Shilpa for liking it.
      Boora and powdered sugar are definitely different. My dadi-nani used it many recipes. Boora is a type of unrefined sugar.Though modern age retailers sell powdered sugar only in the name of boora. I am trying to find relevant links to support my answer. One such link, i have shared in this post too. Pl go through it. Also, on Quora, there are few answers supporting this.

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