Hello everyone,

All I thought that April was the onset of Summers,
Hardly did I know it is the Blogging Season as well

Yes the season of blogging, or say Blogging Carnival, where for 26 days different bloggers will be showcasing their posts on variety of themes.

And joining them, I share with you my participation in the Blog Chatters A2Z Challenge 2019. As the date is approaching, my anxiety as well excitement levels are too building up.

A2Z Challenge? Whats that? Exactly this was my reaction when I heard about it first time. After reading about it, came to know that it is a challenge wherein bloggers have to post 26 posts in the month of April and that too in alphabetcal order and thus the name A2Z challenge.

I liked the idea but posting 26 posts in a month, Sunday being the rest day, is really challenging. Especially for a person like me, who normally posts 6 to 7 recipes a month. But then we all, do need that extra push and need to come out of our comfort zone once in a while. With this thought only, I got myself registered for that challenge. Many questions popped up in my mind but Geethica, from Blog Chatter team, patiently answered all my weird questions. Thanks a lot to her for her support.

Though I registered for it and also read about choosing a theme but didn’t understand fully. Never thought that this was applicable to food bloggers as well. Then suddenly, today, Shalini Nair’s post changed everything. She is a talented blogger who has been participating in the challenge for the last several years. And she takes the challenge with 2 different themes on her 2 blogs. Inspired by her, I gave it a thought and thus decided to go for a theme. So, thanks a lot Shalini, for your post.

And here comes my theme for this Challenge. My theme is Kids Favourite Recipes. After finalizing my theme, I started the listing. So, I first penned down what my children love to eat and put them against various alphabets. Also, in the process, I took help from my sister-in-law, Vandana Gupta. So, I have listed almost 80% alphabets but 20% are still pending. I hope to complete that too in a day or two.


The official date for theme reveal was 18th March but they are kind enough to accept it till 31st March, may for lazy bees like me.

So, keep checking my blog, if looking for kids’ recipes. I promise you will be more than happy. The recipes I intend to post will not only be a favorite of kids but also healthy.

Hoping to learn a lot from this Blogging Carnival,


You can find all my posts for this Challenge under BlogchattersA2ZChallenge2019e

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