Thick cold coffee that is creamy & frothy can be made easily at home with ingredients available at home if you take care of certain points

Yes, if it’s cold coffee then it has to be thick, strong, frothy, creamy. And then I can have it anytime, anywhere.  I am a coffee lover and my coffee has to have these attributes.

Cold Coffee
Cold Coffee

 I just can’t have coffee mixed in milk without any froth. In winters it is hot coffee and summers are for cold coffee/mango shake. If you are regular on my blog then you must have seen my easy cappuccino recipe without a coffee maker or beating for hours. Like hot coffee, even my cold coffee recipe is pretty simple.

When talking about cold coffee, the recipe, of course, is more or less the same then why is it that coffee at some places is exceptionally good whereas others are okay types?  Some are exactly like the ones you get in a cafe whereas others look homemade only.

As far as my cold coffee is concerned, I will be modest and say that it is one of THE BEST! Here, I will also confess that the only person whose cold coffee, I have relished a lot or maybe more than mine is my sister-in-law, Prashima Jain’s coffee. And when discussed, found that we both had the same recipe. One of the two key ingredients was the same. So, if the recipe is good the result is automatically good. But what’s that one ingredient?


Secret Ingredient 

As it is, cold coffee has only three basic ingredients, namely milk, coffee and sugar. Which is that one ingredient I am hinting at? Am I talking of coffee powder? Not exactly. Here in North India, we normally use instant coffee powder only and that’s what is used in this recipe too. Then? is that sugar? Oh! sugar is the same and is just a sweetener. Then, milk? Am I using non-dairy milk like soy milk or something like this?  No, no, nothing like that, I use normal dairy milk only. What is the secret then? The secret is that the milk is used but without boiling and that makes all the difference. 


Other Secrets To Make Frothy Cold Coffee

So, this is the main secret of my cold coffee. Besides this, ensure that the milk is chilled. You can even keep it in the freezer for an hour or so before making your cold coffee.

Adding an adequate quantity of coffee powder but is a matter of personal preference.

It is always advisable to use powdered sugar or sugar syrup while making cold coffee. This is because it is difficult to dissolve sugar in cold milk.

To make it frothy add ice cubes and blitz the blender for at least one minute. Yes, not for a few seconds. The purpose is not to just mix sugar and coffee in the milk but to make it creamy and frothy. The continuous churning of milk for some time yields excellent results. Just recollect how a vendor makes shakes/cold coffee and you will easily understand why I am saying so.

Cold Coffee


And lastly, I like to add vanilla ice cream in my cold coffee but you can always avoid that. But if making for someone special or on a special occasion then do add it and see the magic.


Thus, My Tips for making Thick Cold Coffee are:

Follow these tips and then whether or not you decorate your glass, the coffee is out of the world. Though the method is very much clear to you by now but still a quick look at the recipe.


My Ratio For Cold Coffee 

For every 1 glass (200 ml) cold coffee, I use 1 teaspoon coffee powder and 2 teaspoons powdered sugar.

Cold Coffee



How to Make Frappe:

Add 1 scoop vanilla ice cream along with the ice cubes to the above mix and blend well. Top up with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream only.

Well, some other shakes and drinks that you might enjoy are:



Q) Is It Safe To Drink Milk Without Boiling It?

Yes, I use chilled pasteurized milk, as it is without further boiling it. Why do I use it? Well, it started decades back. Once when I headed towards my kitchen for making cold coffee then I had only two options: boiling hot milk or the packaged milk in the refrigerator. Since the milk was pasteurized therefore my husband Sandeep assured me to use it for making cold coffee. Even I had misconceptions about using milk without boiling but his explanation cleared all my doubts. I made cold coffee with that milk and voila it was the best! Then onwards I have been using only pasteurized milk only for making cold coffee.

If the milk is pasteurized then it is safe to drink it as it is without boiling. Just recall your biology lessons where you learned that Pasteurization itself means that the milk has been heated at very high temperature up to the boiling point and then rapidly cooled down and packaged. Heating milk at very high temperature kills the harmful bacteria present in it and thus it is absolutely safe to drink this milk. Of course, if your milk is not pasteurized then you should boil it first before consuming it.

Q) I do not get pasteurized milk, then?

Then, you need to first boil the milk and once cool, keep it in the refrigerator or freezer. Use it once chilled.

Q) Shall I use Full Cream Milk Or Low Fat Milk? 

 I have made this coffee with 3% fat, commonly known as “toned milk”. Full cream milk has 6% fat. Results are good with low-fat milk too, but obviously, full cream milk gives the best results.

Q) Any substitute for refined sugar?

Use any sweetener of your choice. You can use Boora sugar (powdered cane sugar) or honey or stevia or coconut sugar. Even jaggery powder can be used but then there will be difference in taste, so if you are okay with it then go ahead.

Q) I do not want to add sugar. Can I skip it?

Yes, you can skip it. 

Q) Can I make it ahead?

Yes, but only for an hour or so. Once made, pour it in glasses and keep it in the refrigerator. It will remain frothy for an hour (approximately). In case, it loses its froth then blitz it in the blender for a minute.


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Hope you will give this super easy recipe a try and will like it as much as you liked my hot coffee recipe.

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