Thai Papaya salad is an easy and refreshing salad made with very few ingredients. Though it’s an all-season salad but still is preferred in summers as it tastes best when chilled.

Green Papaya salad

Green Papaya Salad

This salad is eaten throughout in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, it is popularly known as Som Tam, which most of us are aware of!. Whereas in Laos, they call it Tam Som. In Cambodia, it is called Bok l’hong whereas Vietnamese call it Gol du du,

This colorful salad has all four tastes, namely, salty, sweet, spicy, and tangy. Its main ingredient is raw papaya to which certain other veggies are added like tomatoes, bean sprouts etc. Non-vegetarians like to add Shrimp etc to it. So, except for green papaya, nothing is fixed.

As we all know, when it comes to salads, there is no fixed recipe/ingredients and we can play around with the ingredients depending on the availability and our taste of course.

Remember,  A Slight Deviation from the Fixed Ingredients gives a Nice Variation.


How to Make

Green Papaya




Som Tam...Green Papaya Salad


Q) Green Papaya is slightly bitter in taste. How to overcome that?


soak raw papaya in chilled water

Q) I don’t want to grate it. How to shred it just like in Thai Salad?

No worries!. I have shredded raw mango with knife only in my Raw mango Salad. Check this recipe and you can shred green papaya too in the same manner.


Q) Can I make this salad ahead?

Yes. Mix everything and keep t in the refrigerator. But mix crushed peanuts only at the time of serving otherwise they would lose their crunch.


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