Jamun Shots is an easy lemonade made with Jamun (Black Plum) that too without using any sugar.

Also, sharing an easy method to deseed Jamun which is otherwise considered a difficult task.

Its colour may resemble that of  FALSA SHERBET but the taste is totally different.

Hello everyone, here’s a glass of refreshing Jamun Shots for you all. So, what do you like the most in it? Its lovely purple lavender colour? It’s taste? Or its nutritional benefits? If you ask me, then, of course, all three.

And one more thing which is not seen here and that is that this lip-smacking lemonade is sugar-free. Yes! absolutely without any sugar.

After all, Jamun or say Black plum is best known as a wonder fruit for diabetics then why add sugar to it?

Well, if you are making it as a mocktail for non-diabetics then, of course, you can add little sugar.

My husband loves Jamun. In this season, he has to eat these and being a diabetic, he says, that eating Jamun gives him an instant feeling of betterment.


Summer And Fruits

In summers with variety of fruits around, we can make Fruit Shikanji using o many fruits like AAM PANNA  or BEL KA SHERBET or LEMON MINT LASSI or RAW MANGO JALJEERA just keep on rotating these and you are sure to remain hydrated with an array of flavours. 



The other highlight of my recipe of Jamun Shikanji is that it has been made without any sugar. Instead, I added Stevia to it. I added Stevia but you can add Boora sugar (powdered cane sugar) or brown sugar too. Whatever sweetener you add, it is just added in very little quantity as the main flavour comes from Roc salt (kale namak) and of course of Jamun.


Jamun & Its Seeds

Eating Jamun is fine. I thought of trying out Jamun recipes but the thought of deseeding it kept me at bay from it. Then just yesterday, I came across a post where Hem Lata Srivastava had given a method to deseed Jamun in her blog marigoldhemlata.com. When I read it, I was apprehensive whether it would work or not? But why give up or condemn without even trying?

So, I gave it a try with just 5-6 Jamun. And voila! I was on top of the sky. Jamun got deseeded so easily in less than a minute. Thank you so much…I am glad that I came across your post.


How To Deseed Jamun?

So, what’s that super easy method? For this. you need a container with a lid. Take any, plastic or glass or steel. And then 3 simple steps…

Jamun Shikanji

Now, before we proceed any further, let’s look at the benefits of this purple beauty.


Benefits Of Jamun



Step By Step Recipe

Jamun Shikanji


Purple Lemonade
Jamun Shikanji


Jamun Shikanji


Purple Lemonade



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Hope you have found this post useful and have liked the recipe of Jamun Shots. If yes, then hurry up, Jamun are there for a very limited period of time. Don’t miss this chance

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