Winning Isn’t everything… Agreed,

But It definitely boosts your morale and keeps you going with full enthusiasm… Right?

And when you win a beautiful trophy like this, then undoubtedly it is a priceless possession, a great motivator, a dream come true…

Rising Star Award

In my 2 and a half years of blogging career, this trophy is a beautiful feather in my cap. I never ever thought I would win a trophy along with a Gift Card. The feeling is amazing…no less than that of a celebrity!

Amazon Gift Card
You’ve received a ₹3,000.00 Amazon Pay Gift Card from SHEROES 🙂

Rising Star Of 2019

OMBC Rising Star Award of 2019 brought me a trophy as well as a Gift Card. The trophy has been awarded by OMBC, Ovenderful Mom Baking Community, a baking group on Facebook.

Whereas Amazon Gift Card has been sponsored by SHEROES. SHEROES, a women’s community platform, is a safe and trusted space, where members discuss health, careers, relationships and share their life stories, achievements and moments. You can read more about Sheroes here.


OMBC, is a baking group on Facebook, that advocates only and only healthy baking. When I say healthy baking, it means healthy in real terms. Here, everything is baked healthily, using whole grains, millets, cane/coconut sugar, jaggery etc. Ingredients like refined sugar, cornflour, refined flour etc are a BIG NO here. Still, the bakes are not only good to look at but delicious to eat too.

This group is managed by Simran Oberoi Multani, a simple and humble person with her life revolving around her family and healthy baking. She ensures that her children get to eat everything other than junk. And for this reason, she does baking using healthy and organic ingredients. A few months back, I also got a chance to meet her when she visited Delhi.

Ever since I have joined this group, my baking has taken a new turn altogether. Now, I am conscious of the ingredients that I use not only in baking but also otherwise.

If you are following my blog, you must have noticed that I have almost stopped using refined flour and refined sugar. Not only that but I am also revising and updating my old posts by substituting refined flour and sugar by healthy ingredients. Inspired by this group, I am also into gluten-free, vegan and baking with millets.

Baking Conference

Recently, Simran held India’s first and largest healthy Baking Conference in Bangalore on 23rd Nov 2019. Baking conference! Isn’t the title only amazing? How I wish I had attended it!

In the Baking Conference, there were 12 brilliant Thought leaders from different areas of Healthy baking. Topics like Gluten-free baking, Vegan baking, types of natural sweeteners, using fruits and natural colours in baking were discussed at length. Also, there was a panel discussion on the importance of Healthy Baking in children’s nutrition.

And in this conference only, there was an award ceremony where bakers, based on the nominations filed about 3 months back, were awarded in 5 different categories.

Nominations Filed

A few months back, self-nominations were to be filed under each category. I decided to go for the Rising Star category wherein participants had to post 5 recipe links shared on OMBC in the past 2 years (2018/2019).

Rising Star Award

The recipe links I posted were:

12 nominations were filed under this category, and I was lucky enough to be awarded as ‘Rising Star’ under Jury evaluation.

As I could not attend the conference, a friend cum baker, Renuka Verma, collected it on my behalf. Renuka, a talented baker, and an extremely sweet person, not only collected it but also despatched it to me.

As I Hold The Trophy

Emotions uncontrollable... tears rolling down my eyes...feeling of pride... a heart full of gratitude...filled with enthusiasm...determination to bake healthier I hold this trophy in my hands. No words can express my feelings on winning this precious trophy. 

My Gratitude

My heartfelt thanks to:

Related Times Award

All geared up to bake healthier stuff in the coming days. I hope you liked this little story of my prestigious win.

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Eat healthily & live healthily!

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