Today, I am sharing with you an easy recipe of Nankhatai or say Indian Cookies which are crispy from the outside, tender from the inside, melt in your mouth, and that too without all-purpose flour and without baking powder or soda.



Nankhatai or say Indian Cookies have always been my favorite ever since my childhood. Easiest of all cookies, hawkers sold these roaming around in the market. They would bake these in a skillet/pan kept on the hot sand. Even now these are sold this way but the number of such hawkers has reduced considerably as these Nan Khatai have now got a place in big shops selling various kinds of cookies.

These Nan Khatai are popular in India as well as Pakistan. In Delhi, you will find a lot of vendors selling Nan Khatai in the area near Jama Masjid. The word Nankhatai is made up of 2 words Naan and khatai. Naan is a Persian word meaning bread, as we all know. And Khatai is actually an Afghan word meaning biscuit. And these Nankhatai are known as Kulcha-e-khataye in Afghanistan and Northeast Iran. You can read more about these here.


Easy Recipe Of NanKahatai

The recipe of Nankhatai is a very simple one and is pretty straightforward. It is made up of refined flour, powdered sugar, clarified butter (ghee), curd, and spices like nutmeg, green cardamom. They are very soft and crumbly. However, with time, we have made changes in this by reducing or omitting refined flour. But there is no compromise in the taste.


The secret of Making Crisp Nankhatai

The secret is the method to use clarified butter, that is ghee. Melting the ghee first, cooling it at room temperature, then freezing it, and then beating it. Yes, melt-cool-freeze-beat, this process is very important as this only lends crispiness to these cookies.

Secondly, earlier I used powdered sugar but have now switched to Boora sugar. Boora sugar is a type of unrefined sugar and is available locally.


Step By Step Recipe


Baking Nankhatai In Airfryer


Baking Nankhatai In Kadhai



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12 Responses

  1. I love Nankhatai and your post is a gem! The use of Boora Sugar and that of Wheat Flour is surely going to take the taste up a notch! I am hoping to try your recipes as soon as I can! Thank you for sharing them!

  2. I have only a vague idea of this kind of biscuit, I don’t think I’ve ever tried it. I feel sad about that because it looks delicious! I’ll try making these with my son soon 🙂
    I also really appreciate the depth you go into explaining what the food item is and your personal history with it!

  3. Loved you step by step procedure and lovely pics, I too have included nankhatai in tiffin pots for N today. Glad to see we both love it. I loved the ingredients – wheat flour and boora shakkar and sure gonna try this soon.

  4. I love Nankhatai and tried a few times but it never came out well. Will try your recipe. Btw your bourbon biscuit link isnt working, could u please share the recipe?

  5. Wow! You have made nan-khatai in kadhai too. Air-fryer version is cool. How is the taste of air-fryer version vis-a-vis oven one? I liked the idea of ‘melt-cool-freeze-beat’ and that you have used boora sugar. Thanks for the tips, Samira!

    1. 5 stars
      Hello Ma’am,

      Today tried again ur recipe of Nan-khatai without maida, it’s like melt in mouth and a big hit😄 Again a big big thank you for the healthy Nan-khatai recipe 🙏 and one more doubt can I try with Jaggery without sugar, pls suggest as someone needs that, who’s a diabetic, pls suggest

      1. Thank you so much dear for your lovely feedback.
        Yes, you can use jaggery powder. Infact, u have used it in my Jowar Nan Khatai recipe.
        Take care to use sifted jaggery powder only otherwise even tiny lumps in it will spoil the texture of the cookies.

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