Make Moong Sprouts at home easily and without using a sprout maker. 

Sprouts are the ultimate source of protein, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Here I am going to share with you step-by-step instructions showing how to make sprouts at home in 36 hours (more in winters) that too without using a sprout maker. 

In this post, I am using moong beans but using the same method you can sprout any grain be it Kala chana or Chickpeas or alfalfa, buckwheat, barley, etc. Even millets, like Ragi, Jowar can be sprouted beautifully.

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Moong Sprouts
Moong Sprouts


Before we jump to see how the sprouts are made, wouldn’t it be better if we understand a little about sprouts?

Sprouts are indeed good for health. They are a storehouse of proteins and antioxidants, good for weight watchers, for diabetics, and for heart patients too. It is recommended to have sprouts daily for the overall health of the body

Soaking makes the grain more digestible, no doubt but sprouting does much more than that.


What Are Sprouts?

First of all, let us understand what are sprouts? So, Sprouts are seeds that have been allowed to germinate into young plants. Thus, sprouting converts whole grains into a living food that has even more nutrients and these nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. You can sprout any whole grain like Green Gram (Moong), Chickpeas (Kabuli Chana), Black Gram (Kala Chana), Soybean, Ragi etc.

1/2 cup of (100 g) Moong (Green Gram) generates 2.5 (250 g) Cups of Moong Sprouts


How to make Sprouts?

A. Soaking:

B. Rinsing

C. Sprouting



Read about the benefits in detail at  & I am sure after reading about the benefits of sprouts you will add them to your diet more religiously. This is because of the simple reason that we all need continuous reminders from time to time. So, if you have been ignoring eating sprouts for whatever reason, then no more of it. Immediately soak grains and start the process of sprouting.


   Step By Step Instructions

(I am showing here how to make green gram sprouts but the same method applies for making sprouts from any other seeds)


Moong Sprouts








Q What are the different ways of consuming sprouts?


Q) Should sprouts be eaten raw or cooked?


Q) What are the simple steps to make sprouts at home?


Q) Sprouts are easily available in the vegetable markets, then why should I make my own?

Though sprouts are now being sold in the market also but its better to make your own because of following reasons:


Q) What all grains can I sprout?

You can sprout many grains like green gram, chickpeas, black gram, alfalfa, buckwheat, barley, etc. In fact, millets can also be sprouted, like Ragi, Jowar, Bajra.


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I am sure now you will make healthy sprouts easily and will include these in your diet at least thrice a week.  

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How To Make Moong Sprouts

Detailed post of how to make sprouts at home


  • 1/2 Cup 100 g Green gram (moong)


  • Clean and wash the green gram 3 to 4 times in running water.
  • Soak them in water for at least 8 to 10 hours till gets double in size. Take enough water as they absorb a lot of it. If, in between, you find that water has been soaked fully then add more water. If the grains are not fully soaked then they do not germinate well. So, don't be in a hurry. Soak them well, better if overnight.
  • After 8 hours, put the lentils in a strainer and drain all the excess water. Use this water for watering your plants as it is high in nutrients.
  • Now take a big bowl. Once the water has been drained, transfer your soaked and drained sprouts in this bowl, cover with a plate and keep them in some warm and dark place. I prefer keeping this container in the microwave or Otg (of course, without running them). This is because grains require a warm and dark place to germinate and microwave provides it with the perfect environment.
  • Now, all you have to do is that twice a day, once in the night then in the morning, toss the grains and if completely dried out then make them wet by sprinkling little water. Cover with the plate and again back to their closed space. You need to make them wet because if too dry then even then they will not germinate. Do not put excess water else it may catch fungus. If you happen to add more water then put them in a strainer and remove excess water. Just keep them wet, that's it.
  • After 24 hours (in summers), you will have young sprouts. For longer ones, keep like this for one more day.
  • Once fully sprouted, transfer these in an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator. Remains good for 4 to 5 days. Now, whenever you want, take little and use.
  • 1/2 cup (100 g) green gram produces 2.5 cups (250 g) of sprouts in approximately 36 hours during summers.
  • For step by step images, check the main post.


  1. If short of time then soak in warm water, your job will be done in almost half the time.
  2. Use drinking water for soaking lentils as these lentils are going to drink this water.
  3. Ensure that there is no water in the container while sprouting else they will catch fungus.
  4. Similarly, while storing in the refrigerator, they should be completely dry.
  5. In winters the process takes more time, approximately one day extra.
  6. Follow the same method for sprouting any other whole grain like Chickpeas, Black Gram, soybean, wheat etc.
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