If you are looking for sumptuous yet easy dessert recipes with fresh cream then this fruit cream recipe is the perfect option. An easy dessert that always pleases everyone. Whether a pro or newbie to cooking, this easy dessert fits in all the skill sets equally.  

And my Fruit Cream Recipe with tips will take this easy dessert to another level in terms of taste and presentation.

So, get ready to give your eyes a virtual treat before it goes into your mouth!

Fruit Cream recipe

What is Fruit Cream?

Fruit cream is an easy dessert in which lots of fruits are mixed in cream. You can also call it Fruit salad with Cream, as this sounds quite healthy 🙂

It is one of those desserts which has all the attributes of a good dessert namely simple to make, healthy, light, refreshing, nutritious, fibre rich, tempting dessert. And the best part is that its a fireless recipe!

If you have a pack of Amul fresh cream in your refrigerator then you can quickly turn it into an exotic dessert in just a few minutes. If in a hurry, then add whatever fruits are there with you.


My Favourite Dessert

Fruit Cream is an All-time Favourite, All age Favourite dessert.  have yet to meet a person who says no to it, and I am no exception!

Since childhood, I am a big fan of Fruit cream. I remember how my aunt (my buaji) always used to get a bowl of fruit cream for me whenever she visited our place. And I really look forward to her visits more so for this fruit cream. The love for fruit cream has remained ever since then.

A Versatile Dessert

It brings with it the richness and goodness of fruits. Also, it is an excellent way to serve fruits to fussy eaters, be it children or adults.

The beauty of fruit cream is that it tastes good with whatever fruits you add to it.  Of course, the more colourful the fruits are, the better it looks and tastes good too. But at times, you can even make it just with apples, bananas and pomegranate, as these three fruits are available round the year.

Fruit Cream Recipe

Easy To Make

Fruit cream is perhaps one of the easiest desserts. You do not require any specific skills to make it. But even then you must have observed that fruit cream at some places is heavenly in taste whereas at some places, eating even a spoon of it is no less than a torture. Why is it so? Agreed that different people have a different style but fruit cream should at least be creamy. it should not be watery! 

Though the recipe of fruit cream is just mixing cream and fruits but if you do so in a style your fruit cream can become the talk of the town


People love decorating cakes but I love decorating my fruit cream too! I am passionate about this fruity delight. I love decorating it with fruits and jelly. I do it due to a number of reasons, namely:

  • First and foremost is that it's easy to do so. just arrange some fruits here n there and it looks exotic.
  • As fruits are colourful and the fruit cream's base is white, so they add so much beauty to it.
  • You eat first with your eyes! Right! So, give your eyes a virtual treat before your tongue tastes it.
  • And above all, this simple dessert becomes exotic due to its presentation. 


 With Homemade Jelly

Fruit cream tastes too good on its own but serving it with jelly is like icing on the cake. 

Gone are the days when I used to buy jelly mixes and setting jelly would take somewhere around an hour or two. No jelly packet meant no jelly. But things have changed so much for me. Now, I keep Agar (China grass) with me and make jelly whenever I feel like. Making jelly takes less than 5 minutes and then half an hour so in setting it. And the other advantage of making jelly at home is that I can use fruit juices also to make jelly. If interested in knowing about how to make jelly at home then read this post of mine. 


My Tips To Make Perfect Fruit Cream

  • Choice of fruits: First, of course, is the choice of fruits. Choose juicy and pulpy fruits like apples, mango, grapes, berries, plums, pomegranate etc. Take care that you have a variety of fruits with as many colours as possible....red ( berries, plums, pomegranate),  green (kiwi, grapes),  yellow (mango, papaya), black (grapes). The more colourful your fruit cream is, the more tempting it will be. Almost any fruit can be added to fruit cream. But try and avoid guava, pineapple, melons.
  • Chopping of Fruits: Secondly, how you dice/chop fruits also determine the texture of fruit cream. Always dice/chop fruits into very small pieces. Even grapes should be cut into 3-4 pieces. Avoid cutting big chunks of fruits. When we cut fruits into small pieces, some juice from the fruits also drips and gets collected. Add this juicy pulp to the fruit cream along with the fruits. It gives an excellent flavor to the fruit cream.
  • Beat the Cream: As the cream is generally very loose, so always beat it little to thicken its consistency. Also once the cream is beaten properly, it becomes very light. Try it!
  • Serve chilled: Though you can have it immediately after making it, but it is better to chill it before serving. Also, try to prepare it at least an hour before serving so that the cream absorbs fruity flavours nicely.
  • Garnish it beautifully: Last but not the least, decorate your fruit cream using confetti, gems, jelly or even fresh fruits.
fruit cream

Remember, the presentation makes a huge difference. Our eyes eat food first.  If our eyes like something, they send a signal to the brain and the craving starts. So, don't compromise on presenting your food items.



Q) Can I use canned fruits for this recipe?

You can use canned fruits but my suggestion is that go for fresh seasonal fruits, as far as possible

Q) I need dairy or non-dairy cream in this recipe? 

 As far as the cream is concerned, though you can use any cream be it dairy or non-dairy cream, but I prefer using fresh cream. I have used Amul Cream here.

Q) If I want to add dry fruits?

 Some people like to add dry fruits like raisins, cashews etc in their fruit cream but I am not in favour of it. However, if you wish, you can add these too.

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Fruit Cream Recipe

Follow these tips and take your fruit cream to an altogether different level.

  • 200 ml 1 cup Fresh Cream
  • 2 or 3 Tbsp Powdered Sugar
  • 1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 4 Cups Chopped Mixed Fruits
  1. Add sugar to the cream.

  2. Keep the bowl of cream in a bowl filled with ice (or on an ice tray) and beat it for 3-4 minutes using a hand blender or a wire whisk.

  3. Add vanilla extract and the chopped fruits along with their juices.

  4. Decorate with jelly or chocolate shavings or confetti or any other thing you like.

  5. Cover it with cling film and refrigerate for few hours.

  6. Serve with loads of love, jelly optional.

  1. Though I prefer fresh dairy cream but you can make this with non-dairy cream too.
  2. Keep the cream in the freezer for half an hour before beating.
  3. Shake cream well before taking it out in the container.
  4. Take care not to overbeat the cream, else it may become buttery.
  5. Adjust the quantity of chopped fruits.
  6. Keep the consistency of the ready fruit cream quite thick.
  7. Try and use seasonal fruits as far as possible. However, in case of need, one can use canned fruits also but the results would be totally different.
  8. Bananas and apples give a very good taste to the fruit cream, so always include them along with other fruits.
  9. Put some lemon juice on chopped apples to prevent its discoloration.
  10. Beating the cream not only thickens its consistency but also makes it very light.
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