Eggless Caramel Custard Recipe, an easy, quick, and all-time favorite dessert recipe is now made in a healthy way!

This recipe is without condensed milk, without refined sugar, without any china grass or gelatin. It is a healthy version made using jaggery powder. Even the caramel is made with jaggery. But what else is there? Any guesses?

And, yes, forgot to tell you that it is made in just 15 minutes and that too in a pressure cooker! No, not baked but steamed just like Steamed Yogurt Pudding. How? Just keep on reading and the mystery will soon be unfolded.

Slice of eggless caramel custard

We all love this dessert especially my elder son, Shivang. He often demands to have this and I love making it. I have made this custard both with china grass as well as without it. But whatever it was, it contained refined sugar always. Even if I avoided refined sugar, I added condensed milk which again contains lots of sugar.

So, recently, after trying out my homemade condensed milk, I thought of trying out caramel custard in a new way and I am glad I am able to share my results here, with you all, which itself speaks about its success.

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  Baked Or Steamed?

This Indian Caramel custard recipe can be baked as well as steamed. In either case, it takes a lot of time. If baking it then it requires somewhere between 45 to 50 minutes. And steaming also takes a minimum of 30 minutes. But having my excellent experience of baking Bhapa Doi in a Pressure cooker in just 15 minutes, I followed the same method here and a perfect caramel custard got ready in just 15 minutes.

I love steaming it in a pressure cooker as this method is quick and completely hassle-free. Use your regular pressure cooker, add water and then steam this caramel pudding in it. It will be clearer to you in the details below. So, once the batter is ready, you can bake it or steam it in a steamer or simply pressure cook it, the way I did it.


Caramel Custard Recipe In Cooker Using OPOS Method

Once I tried this pudding in the oven also using Bain-marie (or water bath) method, which is baked it on a water bath. It took almost 45 minutes, which is a pretty long time. Then after trying my Bhapa Doi using the Opos method of cooking, wherein, the same pudding gets ready in just 15 minutes, I tried this caramel custard also in the same way. This method of making pudding is FLAWLESS. This is similar to the Bain Marie method only but a Pressure Cooker replacing the oven and hence reducing the time to one third. Really, it is amazing.

Opos, is a revolutionary cooking method that means  One Pot One-Shot. The OPOS methodology has been created and copyrighted by Mr. Ramakrishnan of One Page Cookbooks fame.  Opos method of cooking is a  scientific, simple, and very brief method of cooking. To know more about Opos, click here.


Why You Will Love This Recipe



1. Thick Curd

If the curd is too watery then keep it in the strainer for few minutes.

2. Warm Milk

3. Jaggery

I used jaggery to make the caramel, as I have used this method earlier in my Peach Upside Down Cake also. So, I was confident of the color as well as the consistency. Similarly, I added jaggery only to sweeten the custard as I have not used condensed milk here.

 4. Milk Powder

You must be wondering as to what is that secret ingredient which is used in making this caramel beauty? Well, time to reveal this secret! Else, how will we proceed further? By the way, before I unveil it, any guesses from your side?

I recently shared my homemade condensed milk recipe which I made using milk powder. So, this milk powder has been used here too in place of condensed milk. Now, you might say what is the difference between homemade or store-bought condensed milk? Nothing much, except the quantity of sugar. In homemade condensed milk, I use jaggery powder and that is the main difference.

  5. Custard Powder

When custard word is there in the name of this pudding then custard powder has to be used that eventually not only helps in setting this pudding but also gives it a wonderful flavor.

If you do not have custard powder then? Before that, if you know what custard powder is made up of then you yourself will get the answer. Actually, custard powder is nothing but corn flour to which vanilla essence has been added. Next time, have a look at the ingredients on a pack of custard powder and it will be clear to you.

So, if you do not have custard powder then use an equivalent quantity of corn flour and add few drops of vanilla essence.


How to Make 

Prepare the Caramel

Prepare the Custard Pudding

Blend all the ingredients for making custard


Put the custard over caramel


Put a stand in the cooker


Caramel custard steamed in the cooker



Q) If I do not have custard powder in my pantry?

A) In that case, use an equivalent quantity of cornflour plus few drops of vanilla essence. This is because custard powder is nothing but cornflour to which vanilla essence has been added.

Q) Can I bake this caramel custard in the oven?

A)Yes. Bake it using the Bain-Marie method. This means that fill water in your baking tray and then keep the baking pan on it. Thereafter bake it for 40 to 45 minutes at 180 degrees C.


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Eggless Caramel Custard Recipe

Caramel custard made in a healthy way and in pressure cooker
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Setting Time 1 hr
Course Dessert


My Cup Measures 240 ml

    For Caramel

    • 3 Tbsp Jaggery Powder
    • 1 tsp Water

    For Custard Pudding

    • 1 Cup Curd Thick
    • 3/4 Cup Milk Powder
    • 3 Tbsp Custard Powder
    • 1/2 Cup + 2 Tbsp Jaggery Powder
    • 3/4 Cup Warm Milk


    • Take a round vessel of steel or aluminium, preferably of 4″ or 5″ and rinse it with water. Keep it aside

    Prepare The Caramel

    • Heat jaggery in a pan along with 1 teaspoon water on medium flame.
    • Swirl the pan as it starts melting. When melted fully, pour this caramel into the baking pan.
    • Tilt the baking pan to and fro so that the caramel covers the base of the pan fully. Do this by tilting the pan only, without using any spatula.

    Prepare the Custard Pudding

    • In the blender jar, add all the ingredients listed under 'for custard' and blend for 30 to 40 seconds.
    • Ensure that the caramel has set in the baking tray. Do so, by touching it lightly. If not then wait for some time till it sets. If set then put the custard over it.
    • Cover the baking pan with foil or a lid.

    Steam The Custard

    • Take a 2 or 3-liter pressure cooker and put 1.5 cups of water in it and keep a stand on it. I used a 5 ltr PC. Put the covered vessel on the stand in the pressure cooker. You can keep it without the stand also.
    • Close the lid of the pressure cooker, fix the weight also (whistle). Do not remove the gasket or the whistle of the pressure cooker. Use it the way you use it normally for making curries.
    • Switch on the gas stove to medium flame. The flame should be such that it covers half of the base of the pressure cooker.
    • Set the timer for 15 minutes.
    • After 15 minutes switch off the gas stove and wait till the pressure settles down.(around 3 minutes)
    • Now open the pressure cooker, take out the vessel.
    • Check for its doneness by inserting a toothpick. Besides this, you can check by pressing it lightly and also by looking at the sides. When done, it leaves the sides of the pan too. However, if you feel that it is not done (though chances are rare) then steam it for 5 more minutes.
    • Keep it in the refrigerator for a few hours.
    • At the time of serving, take the bowl out, insert a knife around its edges and invert it directly on the serving dish.


    1. Before proceeding, ensure that whichever bowl you choose to make this custard pudding, that bowl fits in your pressure cooker.
    2. And also, that you are able to close the lid of the pressure cooker after keeping the stand as well as the bowl.
    3. Switch on the gas stove only after closing the pressure cooker lid. No preheating is required.
    4. Keep the flame on medium-low only. (Full pressure will build up in 6 minutes and the first whistle will come in 11 minutes).
    5. If making it on an induction cooktop, use 600-watt settings.
    6. Once the pudding is set, there are chances that some water gets into the pudding also. So to remove it just tilt the bowl a little.
    7. While making caramel, if your jaggery turns into a glob then do not panic! Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of water and keep stirring on low flame. Soon, it will come to its liquid form. Then cook for a minute or two till it turns slightly thick and put it in the baking pan/bowl.
    8. Instead of a pressure cooker, you can steam it in Idli steamer or in any other steamer too. In that case, it will roughly take 30 to 40 minutes.
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