Gluten-free, Warm Brown Rice Salad with loads of veggies and herbs is ideal for chilly days and suits all including weight watchers. 
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It’s been a while since we have stepped into the new year. Though the days are short but with the bright sunlight, they are perfect for an outing. When you go out, seeing the bright-colored veggies you feel like grabbing them all. And there is so much you can make with them. In fact, it is the perfect time to have a variety of fried, spiced food but then suddenly my son, Siddharth, announces that he needs to go on diet as he has piled on a lot. So, very often, nowadays, our dinner is a salad with some soup and/or homebaked bread.


Again, as it is chilly, we ought to go for warm salads. Warm salads, with multicolored veggies, not only look great but tastes awesome too. Some of the warm salads we often have are

Quinoa Salad,

Lentils (Yellow Moong Salad),

Chickpeas Salad and

Brown Rice Salad.


Today I am sharing the recipe of Brown Rice Salad. Brown Rice Salad is one salad that is a meal in itself. You can have it cold as well warm.  If made in summers then we add veggies like cucumber, tomatoes and some fruits also like apple, pears or pomegranate. But in winters, all these are replaced by carrots, peppers, broccoli, etc.


Why Brown Rice? Is Brown Rice Good for us?


How To Cook Brown Rice?

how to cook brown rice

Also, some other interesting salads are:


Step By Step Recipe

A. Boil Brown Rice

How to cook Brown Rice method


How to cook Brown Rice method


B. Make Salad


 Rice Salad method


saute vegetables


Mix in Brown Rice


warm rice salad


Brown rice salad rice


Brown rice recipes


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I use any other rice other than brown rice?

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