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My Friends from Indian Mythology by Suhasini. This review is under Blog chatter Ebook Review Program.

Book Review

About the Book

The book is a collection of stories about characters from Indian mythology. Being one of the oldest civilization, there is an infinite number of characters and wonderful stories available in all parts of the country. Suhasini has tried to compile a few of them in very simple language and easy to read style. She uses the art of storytelling effectively bringing out the nuances of each hero/character and enticing the listener to ask some questions about them at the end of the story. The stories get narrated in a factual form. This would tremendously help the narrator to make the listener exercise his mind and evaluate without any bias the values that one can learn from the story and to get to know of the character. Her stories from mythology do not border on the extreme of very hard or deep to understand writings which people find difficult to relate or a comic book style out of which children which is too simplistic.  

Another aspect I liked about each story title was the narrative attached to the name of the chief protagonist of the story – it sets the tone of the story and its framework for the reader, narrator, and listeners.

In today’s time, when children are too tied up with the computers and electronic gadgets, the stories can be put to great use for creating a dialogue and food for thought for them, making them slowly imbibe the values, learning’s from the stories. Suhasini just tells the story without any bias and leaves it to the listener/reader to find out about motivations of their character, why some were considered divine and others not so much so.  The questions at the end of each story would stimulate the listeners to look at the human aspect of these characters rather than evaluate them with a bias of “hero” or “villain”.

Devdatt Patnaik, an expert on Indian Mythology, has said that science and mythology are two different worlds. While Science deals with experimentation, judgement and evidence, and hence are more suited for anything to do with matter. Myths is about faith and is best when dealing with mind, imagination and emotions. Suhasni seems to have brought this out beautifully in her book thereby exposing her very sensitive and intelligent side. I am sure her affection for her child and her eagerness that children get a true taste of Indian mythology shows in her effort.

Lastly, the picture on the cover of the book showing colourful terracotta toys arranged on a stacked deck is too wonderful and so beautifully brings out the vibrancy, liveliness, diversity, colourfullness, and depth of our civilization in a snapshot. Each of the toy figures stokes our imagination and pulls into a dreamy world.

A lovely book written by a very thoughtful and lovely person. This book is a keeper and is a must have for all those parents grandparents, teachers who are concerned with making the children learn about our roots, ethos, values and civilization and all those people who like to tell motivational stories.  

About The Author

Suhasini, the author of this book, is a loving and doted mother, who captures her son Shravnath’s childhood memories in her blog by weaving stories based on his real-time activities. And thus, she has aptly named her blog ”Shravmusings”.What a wonderful way to collect these wonderful memories. By doing so she is not only keeping a record of his childhood but also awakening her son’s creative side by keeping him busy constructively. He too contributes his ideas and is thus involved at this early age only. Really, it’s rare to find such a mother-son duo.

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