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A2Z ABOUT THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH OF CHILDREN by Dr. Shubhra Rastogi. This review is under Blog chatter Ebook Review Program.

About the Book

This book is a very knowledgeable read. It educates you, makes you aware and gives a gist of 26 ailments/problems which might be affecting innocent children. To be honest, nobody goes searching for all these at one go either on the internet or in some book. But yes, when such information is available in short then it does generate curiosity and you can’t stop reading it.

Health related problems which were hitherto relatively less known, have got accentuated due to the modern day stressful and fast paced urban lifestyle. And, no doubt, internet has brought to the table of common people a lot of knowledge about good physical and mental health.  Today’s education trains us to be good professionals and specialists, but we hardly get trained to handle parenting. This is an area which most couples find daunting and realise this only after stepping in this world. In addition, with increasing nuclearisation of families, parents are ill equipped to identify let alone handle various challenges that they might face while bringing up their child.

The book is a serious effort to bridge this knowledge gap. There are 26 challenges to a child’s wellbeing that have been identified by the author. Needless to say, there could be more, which one would like to read about, but the author has chosen what she found to be important and relevant.  The challenge is to be able to identify and recognize the problem if it affects your child and is affecting his wellbeing. To an ordinary eye, most of these could pass as an aberration, and if not addressed adequately, these could potentially create roadblocks to his development and well-rounded growth. Dr. Rastogi has painstakingly compiled information on each of these problems. She has used a very simple and easy to understand language and style to explain these afflictions, provided a list of symptoms to identify them and also provided a road map to their treatment. However, despite her effort, on a subject like this, some elements of the medical jargon have to come in but it is not too difficult to negotiate by the reader.

The range of problems, she has discussed, is quite varied and vast – from Autism to vomiting disorders. And Dr. Rastogi has very wisely suggested further consultations with a medical practitioner. The idea of the book is to create awareness and knowledge amongst the readers and to the provide guidance and in this the book fairly succeeds.

Wherever possible, along with allopathic treatments, Dr. Rastogi has also incorporated some insights from the traditional and alternative way of medicine and treatment for aiding in these ailments. This has enriched the great effort she has made in writing this book and providing invaluable guidance. On the whole, the book is an invaluable and handy read about various problems and challenges that parents and children may face through the growing years.

Though the author has written this mainly for new parents but I would recommend this book to all irrespective of the age bracket their children are in. The book gives you an insight as to what all possible problems/diseases prevail affecting the wellbeing of our children. Normally one is not even aware of the problems, forget knowing about them. Through this book you get to know in broader terms of various possible problems/diseases children can have. Having diagnosed the problem, one can, of course, go into the depth of it.

Overall I would say that it is a must read and a good addition to your e-library.

About The Author

Dr. Shubhra Rastogi, is a dentist, healthcare analyst, and a medical writer. She is a mother of a 6-year-old and often writes about her and their day to day activities. She is an avid reader and owner of the blog NatkhatZ. In this book, she writes about almost everything which a new parent would want to know when handling their children.

This review is a part of Blogchatter Book Review Program. Blogchatter has a magnificient library of Ebooks and I am enjoying reading a wide variety of books therein.

You can download the book from here.

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