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Varsha Nitin Gode

About the Book

The book takes you on a virtual tour to a beautiful yet lesser known place called Sindhudurg. Sindhudurg is a very scenic and beautiful place in Maharashtra in the Konkan region. Very few people know much about this place and this book would make them watch and sit up to the possibilities Sindhudurg offers. I am sure that the book would generate sufficient interest in people to make Sindhudurg a part of their travel itinerary. I agree with the author when she says that this book is a special one. But disagree when she says that it has some hidden facts about things in Singdhudurg. Not some rather it has many hidden facts which keep you glued to the book till the end. As you go through the book, you fall in love with the beauty of this place. It’s surprising how it is untouched by the tourists till now.

A huge number of tourist pave their way to Goa every year but hardly any of them know about Sindhudurg. If you read this book, I am sure you would keep a day or two for Sindhudurg too while visiting Goa. At least I would. Away from the hustling bustling city environment, Sindhudurg is a quiet and serene place worth visiting. It seems to be ideal for writers, painters, nature lovers, people looking for solace.

Varsha has had the advantage to offer and that is, that she stays in the place. In her own authentic and delectable style, she brings out in detail the natural beauty that Sindhudurg has to offer along with valuable insights into its beaches, cuisine, temples, villages, culture, and craft,  not to forget the local language. While reading, you can feel the passion, fervor, and warmth with which she writes about the cuisine,  culture and its people and her love for the place reflect clearly. She has roots in the place and is truly in love with the so many small and beautiful villages and the simple life of the people there. She is a true brand ambassador of the place.

She very meticulously and enthusiastically shares information about the local cuisine, fish and seafood, cashews, jackfruits and the lovely Alphonso mangoes along with other goodies. She has discussed in detail the varieties of fish that are found in Sindhudurg. She never forgets to include the numerous mouth-watering and wonderful recipes and you can feel the delight with which she is sharing it. I am sure, It would evoke great interest in the foodies also in those who have not been exposed to Konkani food.

Highlights of The Book:

Detailed information on the varieties of fish, queries answered about Sindhudurg, translation of some simple English sentences into Malvani, recipes/details of various local dishes, the beauty of serene beaches and water sports therein.

My Feedback to the Author:

As Varsha introduces the reader with information on some of the fantastic beaches that Sindhugarh has to offer, it would have been great if she had included some more pictures of these scenic spots especially of the waterfalls, to make the narrative more captivating and lively and ignite the imagination of the reader.

Also, I would have loved if she could have thrown in a bit of the history of this region which is intertwined with the Maratha history back in time.

Overall, her content is very original and comes straight from the heart. The book is a complete guide if one wants to visit Sindhudurg and makes an enjoyable reading offering very good insights, starting from how to reach there and covering everything as to what to expect while visiting Sindhudurg besides creating sufficient interest for those who have the travel bug. She makes it a fairly enticing proposition to plan a travel to Sindhudurg. In fact, she throws in a FAQ too as part of the narrative.

About the Author

Varsha Nitin Gode is a person with multi-faceted skills and personality. She is a lifestyle blogger, with interests in fashion, travel, beauty, and food. In addition, she has qualifications in Fashion Designing from INIFD, Pune,  and has been an International Process Trainer and Subject Matter Expert for ‘YELP’. Apart from this she has interests in protecting the environment from plastics and has a love for dogs. Clearly a person with varied interest.

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You can download the book from here.

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