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Blog's 1st B'day


Hello Everyone!!!

My excitement today is no less than what it was years back when I celebrated my elder son’s 1st birthday. Today my blog turned one year old, the day I officially launched my blog. Exactly one year ago today on 21st Jan 2017, I hit ‘publish’ button on my very first blog post.  I don’t know whether to call it my blog’s birthday or anniversary, but I prefer calling it birthday only, as I have really nurtured it like my baby.

While the blog was lying still in the beginning or trying to pick up or showing up on Google’s scoreboard, whatever it has done it has given me only one thing and that is happiness. Throughout it has been an absolute pleasure watching it take little baby steps.

When I started one year back I had no idea how it would move on. I didn’t know anything about blogging, Search engine optimisation or how Google Baba shortlists various links. I just had my recipes noted down in my diary. But thanks to Mr Anand, our friend, for taking care of the technical work and the support rendered. I candidly confess that when on the very first day he explained to me various technical words, it just went above my head. I realised that blogging was much more than just writing and taking pics. Though learnt a lot by now but still a long way to go…

I am also thankful to my younger son Siddharth who handles my day to day problems regarding editing, photography and other computer related issues. He is always at the back end to support me. Lot many thanks to both of you for your guidance, patience and support.

This one year has been full of adventures and learning. Every new post gave me a fair share of goosebumps. Blogging has enriched me in so many ways, be it writing skills or the processes of handling intricacies of blogging. With time it also polished my culinary knowledge and skills. Every single day, I’m learning or experimenting something new and unique. My knowledge-based articles really grilled me but I thoroughly enjoyed my research on various topics.

In this year I cannot be boastful of any big achievements but yes, the journey has been more than satisfying and in fact very fruitful. Furthermore, I had a feeling of achievement, when few of my posts made their way into Google’s Golden Triangle, which means in the top three google’s search results. Then one of my recipes, eggless wheat fruitcake, got featured in renowned blogger Ravneet Kaur’s e-book. Moreover, I got the opportunity to participate in Jenny Roja’s food advent calendar, along with 23 other bloggers around the world. The Indian Cheesecake recipe was posted especially for this event.

In this one year, I posted 100+ recipes and articles. I would like to share with you all some of my top 10 featuring posts of my very first year –

  1. Eggless Wheat Fruitcake
  2. Difference Between Baking Powder and Baking Soda
  3. Tips for Baking a Good Cake
  4. Cake Baking Mistakes
  5. Lemon Coriander Soup
  6. Rasmalai Cake
  7. How to Whip Cream
  8. Homemade Eno fruit Salt
  9. Eggless Chocolate Walnut Brownie
  10. Homemade Wheat Pizza

I would like to thank all my readers, my family members, friends, mentors and followers on social media for taking out time and visiting and going through my blog. I thank them for trying out some or the other recipes and wholeheartedly thank you for your valuable comments and feedback, either on the post itself or through personal messages or verbally or on my Facebook page.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you. You are my inspiration. I want you to know that every single like, comment, and share of yours puts a big smile on my face and fuels my enthusiasm to post more meaningful posts.

Now let’s move on to the celebration part. First of all, a feast for your eyes by showing up some of my recipes.

Blog Birthday Collage

How is it ??? Hope you all liked it 🙂

Time for today’s celebration!!!

Since it’s a Birthday so there has to be a cake. To celebrate ‘Samira’s Recipe Diary’s’ first birthday, here comes everyone’s favourite Chocolate Cake. This is a very simple cake made in the microwave in just 5 minutes. Also, the frosting is very simple. Even those who are new to baking can make it easily. Hope you all will try it out and join in my happiness by sharing pics of your beautiful cake. You can check the recipe here.

One thing more, from now on, along with yummy recipes you will also be having ‘food for soul’. It has been on my mind since long but was not clear as to how to proceed. Thanks to ‘Suchitra Kamath’ from whom I got the direction regarding this. Incidentally, most of these ideas will be once again from my own diary which I started making during my college days. Hope you will enjoy going through these also.

As my blog progress into its second year, all I want is your love and support. Be with me and I promise you to deliver MY BEST. Also along with recipes, there will be few new features on the blog, details of which will be shared with you soon.

I shared my feelings with you all. But the celebration would be incomplete without your wishes and participation. Would appreciate your feelings regarding this journey in the form of comments.

Lets continue the journey together. If agree, don’t forget to like my FB page.


“Food For Soul”

Always have an Attitude of Gratitude…

The more you are Grateful…

                                                                   The more you are given to be Grateful for


With a Heart full of Gratitude,



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