Somebody said, “Go where you feel most alive”. Yes, here is where I am now with you all, celebrating my blog Samira’s Recipe Diary’s 3rd Birthday. Yes, my blog is 3 years old today! And this birthday is a really special one. Why so? Be with me and soon you too will agree.

Blog's 3rd Birthday

Feeling Grateful for 3 Successful Years as a Food Blogger

These 3 years have been amongst the most wonderful years of my life. And this last has been truly spectacular in more than one way. A year full of non-stop activities…a year of goosebumps as well laurels…a year of making many new virtual friends…Of course, I will be sharing everything with you here, but before that A BIG THANK YOU to you all for being with me in this beautiful journey of mine.

My Blog is Now in an All New Avataar

Today, I am happy that, after a gap of 21 days, my blog is again going live today and that too in its new avatar. For the past 21 days, there was a vacuum as my blog was getting rejuvenated by getting rid of all the toxins (technical issues).

It’s just like that I had a beautiful house as well as lovely artefacts but everything was scattered and needed an interior designer. And successful Entrepreneur cum Global Internet Marketeer cum Friend of mine Akriti Mattu has done this job beautifully. Thank you so much Akriti for adorning my blog with your skills.

I hope you too will like its new look and design and will love it all the more as it’s going to be more user-friendly now. Do share your views as to how you liked it.

Another reason of my happiness is that finally my blog got relaunched on its original date which is 14th Jan. In 2017, my first post was published on Makar Sankranti, 14th Jan only but due to some technical errors it got deleted and was published on 23rd Jan. But after 3 years it has gained its original date. Meeting Akriti around my blog’s birthday is just by chance and I call it Godly intervention only 🙂

Amazing Year

Ever since I have started this blog, the time has never seemed still to me. Its always running and I am chasing it happily. This year has been really special to me as many phenomenal and unexpected things happened. Can you believe that along with a blogger I turned into an author in this year? This year has also expanded my circle of virtual friends. Okay, I will share each and everything in detail so that you too enjoy each and every moment.

Maddening April

Though the year started ordinarily but suddenly in mid-March I came across Blog chatter’s A2Z challenge. Yes, it was a challenge as every participant needed to post 26 posts in the month of April which means one post per day except Sundays.

Even though I had no idea about it, no advance preparations were there still I dived into it by enrolling myself for the challenge. And then started the challenge which was nothing less than Mad hatters party. I am happy I sailed through it swiftly. My thanks to Blog chatter for this amazing challenge where I got a chance to test my own limits. This challenge taught me to never bind yourself in your preoccupied notions.

Never say ”No” and be ready to accept the challenges. One may or may not excel but give it a chance at least! You can read about it in detail in my post, Me And Blog Chatter A2Z Challenge 2019

 First Ebook Released

And then came another unexpected thing and it was my first Ebook. Yes, a book having my name as the author on its cover page. Along with the content, I also got to understand various other intricacies of writing a book like acknowledgments, copyright, indexing, proofreading and so on.  Now I know how much effort goes into writing a book.

The most amazing part was a very exciting and fabulous response I got from the readers in terms of the very high number of downloads and comments of appreciation from the reviewers and readers. Yes, it was my readers who made it a resounding success. You can read more about it in my post My First Ebook: Home Makers To Home Bakers



Rising Star Award Won

While I was basking in the success of my Ebook, I was awarded the ”Rising Star Award” by a Baking group, Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community, on Facebook.

Every time I have a look at the trophy it instils enormous confidence in me saying that continue your good work and sky is the limit. You can read more about it in my post, OMBC Rising Star Award


Sponsoring a Baking Session

And then came the moment when a blogger Geethica Mehra approached me for sponsoring a baking session to one of the winners in a contest held by her. Me as a Sponsor! The feeling was too good. And it became all the better with winner Pashmeena Choudhry’s amazing feedback.

She baked a beautiful Fruit cake following my recipe and after going through a baking session with me. Mentoring Pashmeena, who I discovered was an amazing person in many ways, was a very enriching and fulfilling experience for me.

Amidst Tripcrafters’ Top 10 Food Blogs

A few months back, my blog got featured in Top Indian Food Bloggers and Their Favourite Places To Travel For Food compiled by a travel house, They created this extensive list of blogs related to Indian food to share it with visitors on their website. Once again a matter of pride for me. You can check the post here.

Guest Posting Spree

Another feather that got added in my cap has been of Guest Posts. Not only did I accept guest posts on my blog but I also shared my posts on other renowned bloggers blog.

This is something I really wanted to do but somehow didn’t get a chance. So, this year my this wish was also fulfilled and I hope to continue the trend in the years to come too.

Forging New Friendships on the Web

My horizon of virtual friends expanded widely this year. I got friendly with some amazing bloggers who have been really helpful throughout.

Rashmi Jain, Priyanka Nair, Srishti Gupta, Sivaranjini Anandan, Renuka Verma, Akriti Mattu, Harjeet Kaur, and Trapti Gupta to name a few of my new Blogger cum friends. They all are so talented and there’s so much to learn from each one of them.

Thank you, friends, for giving me the honour of your friendship.

Surprise Gift by Blog Chatter

Little gestures speak volumes and create huge wonders…this is exactly what happened with me. On the very first day of the New year, I received a beautiful handmade greeting card along with a ‘ThankYou’ note and a beautiful gift from Blog Chatter.

Seeing this surprise my happiness was unparalleled and my enthusiasm too got wheels. With this appreciation note, I am all geared up to have a wonderful year ahead.

Alexa Rank, DA, and PA

These logistics are something every blogger loves to keep a track of and I am no exception. I am happy to share with you all that there has been a tremendous improvement in my blog’s Alexa ranking, DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

Now with the new site all revamped, the Alexa rank is spiking. My posts are very much Google friendly too. In simple words, Google is liking my posts and the number of my posts in the Golden Triangle has increased manifold from just 3 in 2018. A Big Big Thanks To You all!

Amazing Feedbacks Received

And amidst all these what really kept me on a High was your feedback comments. No matter how much full proof my recipe is but when it gets validated by you only then its a true success for me. This year too, a lot many of you tried out my recipes successfully and shared their views which were my real awards.

Best was when a little girl, Shreya, baked Zebra cake for her mom’s birthday and shared her happiness with me. Friends, keep sharing your valuable comments. Also, feel free to give suggestions wherever you feel so.

I am sure you will also like to read how I celebrated the first 2 birthdays of my blog so here they are:

So isn’t this a special year ? Hope you will agree with me. I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all my readers for your constant encouragement, feedback, appreciation and nudging me gently in writing more and more…. which encouraged me to go on writing and sharing recipes and experiences.

Celebration Time

As we are celebrating its Birthday today on Makar Sankranti, therefore I have baked a Special Sesame Seeds Cake. Makar Sankranti is incomplete without sesame seeds preparation.

And since it’s my blog’s birthday too, so I baked a healthy Sesame Seeds Cake which is made with wheat flour and jaggery. You can have a look at the recipe here.

Sesame Cake

Year Ahead

None of us know what life holds for us in each coming day. Though I have my plans for the coming year but what I will do exactly I just can’t commit but one thing that I am sure of is that I will continue sharing easy, healthy yet yummilicious delicacies with you all. Also, from now on, I will be posting new posts only on either Tuesday or Friday or both these days (except in the month of April when every day there will be a new post). Also, I intend starting my youtube channel in this year and hope to have your love and support there too.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks, love, and gratitude to everyone for such an amazing year. Looking forward to another wonderful year- a year where I hope to write with renewed commitment and vigour and hopefully bring more cheer to my readers.

Do share your feedback regarding it’s new look as well the content thereon. Your feedback fuels my enthusiasm to post more good content.

Let’s connect on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram (#samirasrecipediary) too.



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  1. Hi. This blog looks soooooooo good. How did you change it? And Happy Birthday by the way. I have been following your blog from the past few months now. Was wondering where you’re gone. Happy to see this new site:)


  2. Congratulations Samira Ji 🙂 I wish you all the very best and look forward to more wonderful recipes and hacks 🙂

  3. I have read a few of your recipes and my kids appreciated them a lot.
    I Really liked the new look and feel of your blog.
    All the best

  4. You are a beautiful person, an amazing baker and inspire new comers and stalwarts alike. I’ve personally learnt so much from your recipes.. God bless you and a May you reach the pinnacle.

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