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Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes Without Eggs and without baking powder, when served with caramelized bananas is a unique and sumptuous recipe.

If I split the three words of Banana Pancakes With Jaggery then all three are healthy foods. And when they are combined into one it is like a healthy jackpot. These pancakes are ideal to be served in breakfast as they are yummy and filling too besides being healthy. 

Banana Pancakes With Jaggery

Normally, pancakes are made with eggs but this one is definitely eggless and without any leavening agents like baking powder or baking soda. Actually, banana fades the need for these two and comes perfectly without these also.

These banana pancakes come out as fluffy as the ones with eggs.

And the best part is that this one is an easy recipe and can be put up easily and quickly. I have shared earlier Banana Walnut Muffins and  Waffles recipes on my blog. And this one is like a mix of these two recipes only. These are made best with over-ripened bananas.


Using Over-Ripened Bananas

These pancakes or in fact even banana muffins come out best with over-ripened bananas. You can say this is also a good way to use over-ripened bananas. Whenever bananas in my house are getting darker in color then is time to make these pancakes for sure.

Pancakes Served With Caramelized Bananas

This is perhaps the Usp of this recipe. banana pancakes when served with caramelized bananas and honey, they do not raise their nutritional value but increase the taste manifold. 

My son, Siddharth refuses to have these pancakes without these caramelized bananas. So, do not miss them!

These pancakes are ideal for children and adults alike. Even toddlers can have these.


Step By Step Recipe

A. For The Pancakes

B. For Topping



Q) Why is it better to use over-ripened bananas only?


Q) I have fresh bananas. Shall I wait for them to get over-ripened?

If you have fresh bananas and you are in a mood to have these pancakes in your breakfast, then? No worries. Just put these in the microwave oven for 30 to 40 seconds and see the magic. 

The heat of the microwave will instantly turn them into over-ripened ones.

Q) Can I make waffles too?

With the same batter, you can make waffles too. For making waffles, keep the batter slightly thick. You may read more tips about waffles here. If making waffles then serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.


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I hope you have liked this Banana Pancakes recipe and will surely try it out for your loved ones.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have liked this recipe then do let me know by leaving a comment below. Your feedback fuels my enthusiasm. You may share this post with your dear ones by clicking on the little buttons below. You may follow me on  Facebook   Pinterest  Instagram for the latest recipe updates. Thank you!


Eggless Banana Pancakes Recipe

Banana Pancakes With Jaggery and made with wheat flour and without any baking powder/eggs is perhaps like a healthy jackpot.
Course Breakfast


For Pancakes

  • 1 Cup 130 g Wheat flour (Atta)
  • 1 +2 Tbsp Oil
  • 2 Bananas Over ripened
  • 2 Tbsp Jaggery Powder
  • 1 +1/2 Cup Milk at room temperature
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
  • 1/8 tsp Cinnamon Powder Optional

For Topping

  • 1/4 Cup Honey Or
  • Caramelized Bananas

For Caramelized Bananas

  • 2 Bananas
  • 1/4 Cup Jaggery Powder
  • 4 Tbsp Water


  • Blend together bananas and jaggery powder with little milk in the mixer till smooth and lump free. .
  • Take wheat flour in a bowl. Add above puree, oil, vanilla essence and rest of the milk.
  • Make a smooth batter and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. The batter should be like Dosa batter. Adjust milk accordingly.
  • Heat a griddle, brush oil on it. Lower the flame and put a ladle full of the batter. Spread it lightly.
  • Increase the flame, apply little oil around the edges and after a minute or so, flip it and cook from the other side too.
  • When golden brown from both the sides, serve it or stack one by one.
  • Serve with caramelized bananas and honey.
  • You can even serve these with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

For Caramelized Bananas

  • In a pan, heat jaggery with water. When jaggery is dissolved, boil it for a minute.
  • Add banana slices and toss nicely so they are coated with jaggery syrup.
  • Put these on pancakes while serving.


  1. It is best to use over-ripened bananas for this.
  2. The quantity of jaggery can be adjusted according to the sweetness of bananas. 
  3. The quantity of milk may vary a little as different flours have different absorption capacities.
  4. You can add a pinch of cinnamon too in the batter.
  5. While serving, sprinkle some walnuts for the crunch.
  6. Tip: If you have fresh bananas then put them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so to get over-ripened ones.
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Stay Fit… Stay Healthy… But most importantly, Stay Happy…

16 Responses

  1. Simple, quick and a very healthy recipe indeed. Perfect to give it to kids for breakfast. I liked you using jaggery instead of sugar.

  2. 5 stars
    Thank you very much for such a healthy and delicious recipe, today I made them as breakfast for my children, they like them a lot, wanna post a pic of it even😊🤞🏻I just wanna try ur mugcakes also, I tried some other’s recipe last week but it’s not a hit, did some wrong, I made them in convection mode instead of only microwave, but this time wanna try on gas stove, can I do so? If yes, pls give the procedure, thank you once again in advance

    1. Hi Anuradha, Thank you so much for trying out the recipe and sharing your feedback. Glad you all like it.Would have loved to see the pic.

      Dear, mug cakes are only and only for microwave, that too, the cooking mode not the convection.

      For baking on gas or convection or otg, you should follow muffins recipe. I too have these, search for Chocolate Muffins using the search option at the top. Or, let me know, I will share the link.

      1. Thank you, I read somewhere that we can do mug cakes on gas too, anyway will try again in microwave, but have to select the power level on high mode then microwave,? Where can I post my pic of pancakes?

        1. Yes, you can but then it will be a Muffin made in a mug. It will take 30 min minimum and not worth just making 1 mug cake in so much time. That’s why I said that better to go for muffins recipe and make atleast 4 to 6. Once baked, you can freeze these muffins too.

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