Bael Ka Sharbat is a refreshing drink made with just Bael (Wood Apple). This age-old drink to beat the heat is amazing and is a foolproof remedy to avoid heatstroke (Loo)

Easy, simple, and with immense benefits, so no reason to not have it.

Bael ka Sharbat

What is Bael?

Bael is a fruit, one of its kind. It's called Wood Apple in English as this fruit is hard as wood from outside with a soft pulp inside.

It is a native fruit of the Indian sub-continent. It is known by different local and vernacular names in various parts of the sub-continent - bel, beli, belache, bilva, bengal quince, wood apple, stone apple, japanese bitter orange etc.

The fruit is also held in high esteem in Hindu mythology. The leaves and fruit are offered to Lord Shiva as part of offerings to the deity (Remember during Shivratri).

How to Eat it

During my childhood, I remember, apart from having its sharbat,  we even used to eat the pulp (Though a very messy thing to eat)

No knife was used. Just break it, grab a handful of it, and into the mouth.

Yes, don't try to cut it. In fact, break it. Just the way you break a coconut. And then, take out the pulp, using a spoon or best is your hands.



Bael Sherbet/ Wood apple Squash


Bael Sharbat/ Wood apple Squash



The Bael fruit has immense health and medicinal benefits for the body -

  • Gives relief from constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, peptic ulcers, piles, diabetics etc. I
  • Either you go out in sun or come back home in the sunny afternoon, Bael Sherbet gives you instant relief, as it not only quench your thirst but it cools your entire body system. It is said to protect you from hot and dry summer winds (loo).


How To Make

No boiling... No cooking... No salt... No Cumin Powder...

  • Making Bael ka Sharbat is very easy. Break the fruit, scoop out the entire pulp.
  • Now, add some water to the pulp and leave it for some time, like an hour or so. Then rub vigorously with hands to extract the juice, strain it. Sugar is then added and chilled in the refrigerator.  Earlier, I used to do it with hands but have now started using Blender. Works equally good, in fact, better.
  • I
  • I normally add Boora sugar, which is unrefined cane sugar.
  • At the time of serving, just mix in some lemon juice and drop few ice cubes. Tastes awesome. Lemon juice gives a very nice flavor to the otherwise all-sweet Sharbat.


Bael Sharbat/ Wood apple Squash

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Take the Bael, wash it properly.
  2. Break it like you break a coconut.
  3. Scoop out the pulp using a spoon/ladle.
  4. Put the pulp in a vessel.
  5. Add some water, enough to cover it fully.
  6. Put this in the blender and run the blender for few seconds, say 10 to 12 seconds.
  7. Strain it in a colander.
  8. Add powdered sugar as per your taste.
  9. Chill in the refrigerator.
  10. At the time of serving. dilute it by adding water.
  11. Add few drops of lemon juice, drop in ice cubes.
  12. Serve with a warm smile.

Bael ka Sharbat


Q) How to know whether its ripened or not as the outer covering is hard like a stone?

  • To enjoy it fully, one should check if the fruit is ready for consumption. The outer layer is very hard.
  • The ripe fruit is greenish-brown. If ready to eat then when you drop it, it doesn't roll.
  • While if it is raw, it would.

Q) What about the quantities as nothing is mentioned?

Yes. This post is more about the method rather than the recipe. I have not mentioned the quantities and you can add water and sugar as per your taste.

Q) I do not want to use a mixer. Can I take out the juice just by rubbing it with my hands?

Of course, you can. If doing by hand then leave it for an hour or so. As the pulp gets soften up and easy to mash.

Q) I do not have Boora sugar. Can I add white sugar?

You can add normal sugar also, only that it will take some time to dissolve. So, you can powder it first and then add for quick results.

Q) Can I store it in the refrigerator?

  • Yes. Normally, I don't add much water while making it. Keep it a little thick only and dilute it at the time of serving. This is done just for the purpose of storing more quantity in less space. If you wish you can make it of ready-to-drink consistency and then store it.
  • Remains good in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.


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I hope you have liked easy recipe of healthy Bel ka Sharbat. I am sure you will definitely try it out for your loved ones. I would love to have your views regarding this,

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