Hello Foodies!

I am Samira and this blog of mine is all about healthy eating with the simple motto of ‘Cook with Ease, Serve with Love’Through this blog, I want to share the treasures of my cooking journey (which is of more than 20 years) with home cooks like me. Hope you adorn my treasures to the extent of trying them out in your kitchen for your loved ones.

About Me

I am a true Delhiite. Both my parents as well as in-laws, are strictly vegetarian and so am I. So much so that we cook our daily meals without onion and garlic! However, with time, I have started including onion in some dishes. Thus, you will find only vegetarian recipes and some are without onion/garlic too.

Though my cooking style is largely influenced by UP but as Delhi food is a mix of many states like Rajasthani, UP, MP, Punjab and Haryana so you will see this in my recipes too. (Do not miss the UP style Pickle recipes)

My foodie husband and two loving boys keep me on my toes with their demand for different food items all the time. In fact, they are the real people behind this blog!

So, yes, I have no formal degree in cooking or home science but still have the privilege of learning from the best teachers in the world. My mother, mother-in-law and ‘Experience’ have taught me all I know today!.

How I Started My Blogging Journey

Cooking isn’t just a mundane task or time pass for me. It’s my passion and I constantly experiment with a variety of ingredients, flavors, and aromas.

Along with my family’s traditional recipes, I love experimenting with new and innovative recipes from friends and relatives too. This curiosity and excitement of mine helped me not only in maintaining a rich recipe diary but also made me popular as an innovative cook among family and friends. It was then that my dear husband, Sandeep, suggested that it’s time to move from a regular diary to a digital one in the form of a food blog and that led to the birth of this blog.

Kudos to a friend, Mr. Anand and my son, Siddharth who help me sail through the technical aspects of blogging !


The content on my blog – all recipes and pictures are absolutely original – right from My Kitchen !

These recipes have been tried multiple times in my kitchen as some were perfectly made at one go whereas some recipes took me on a toll. Bread making is one such example. It took me a long time to understand ‘yeast’ and thus perfecting the art of bread making. But failures just gave me sleepless nights and I had to get it right no matter how many trials it needed!

Wherever my recipes are influenced by elsewhere, due credit has been given to the source via interlinking.

Other Than Blogging

As you must have guessed by now, I am a home-maker. But I would like to share that I am an avid learner too. Though cooking remains my first love, I have also learnt embroidery, candle making, glass painting, acupressure, and ceramic painting.
I was into the business of chocolate making also under the name ‘Choco Xpress’. I used to take baking classes too but had to give up all this owing to family responsibilities.

My interest and belief in spirituality side made me learn Reiki years back (in 2004) and I upgraded myself upto level 3. Practicing it on myself, family and friends gives me immense satisfaction.

Poetess in me: I have been penning down my emotions for quite some time now. Recently, I thought of putting all my thoughts together and thus started my instagram page, #dil_kii_kalam_se
If you are fond of easy poetic lines then do visit my Instagram handle.

Let’s Connect

Thank you so much for sparing your time and reading ‘About Me’.
I would love to connect with you all! Feel free to ask in case you have any doubt regarding any step or ingredient. You can email me at smirasrecipe@gmail.com
If you try out any of my recipes or like the content then do let me know by leaving a comment below. Your feedback fuels my enthusiasm.

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