Follow these 16 Cake Baking Tips for beginners if you are having a problem in baking cake despite following a good recipe & bake perfect cake

These tips, though simple but plays a crucial role in baking a perfect cake. A good recipe is indeed important but along with it, it is the little tips that make it a hit or flop!

Go through the tips mentioned below and see how many of these you follow. If all, then don’t forget to give yourself a Thumbs Up. But if not, then time to start implementing these tips.

Cake Baking Tips

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Why Cake Baking Tips Are Important?

Baking cake is a very simple affair today. Most of us bake a cake at home. Cake recipes are flooded everywhere, online, in magazines, on TV… everywhere.

But still even with the same recipe of cake different people bake it differently.

Some even say that their cake does not come out soft or is too much peaked or sinks from the centre etc. At times, they discard the recipe and switch over to some other recipe.

Actually, there are some simple yet important points which need to be followed while baking a cake. These are very simple but either due to ignorance or in a hurry we overlook these points.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in baking, these tips are to be followed by everyone. 


My 16 Tips:

1. Preheat Oven

A Preheated oven is vital for baking a good cake.

Always preheat the oven for at least 15 minutes at the temperature given in the recipe. Never put your batter in a cold or less hot oven.


For other details regarding preheating your oven, read Importance Of Preheating Oven


2. Prepare the Baking Pan

prepare the cake pan


3. Sift the Dry Ingredients

sift dry ingredients

Sift The Flour… Lift The Air


4. Measure Accurately

Always measure the ingredients accurately. No approximation, please. Never use cups and spoons lying in your kitchen for day to day purposes.

Use weighing scale and standard measuring cups available for baking purposes.

measure ingredients accurately

5. Ingredients at Room Temperature


Baking Powder and Baking Soda: These two, similar-looking ingredients, confuses a lot many people. They are different ingredients and cannot be replaced by each other. Please use as per the recipe only. For a clear understanding of these two and their differences read Difference Between Baking Soda And Baking Powder.


6. Cake Tin of the Correct Size


7. Never Beat the Batter

Do not beat the batter after the flour has been added otherwise the cake will turn out to be heavy. It is believed that the more you beat the better cake comes out to be. But beat what?

You should beat only the liquids like eggs or curd or butter etc. Beat these as much as you want but once the flour is added to it, just mix it lightly through cut and fold method, scraping the sides simultaneously.


8. Mix Nuts/Fruits in the flour

Most of the time, there is a complaint that dried fruits etc sink to the bottom of the cake and are not evenly distributed in the cake.

Nuts being heavier sink at the bottom. To avoid this, always dredge the nuts, dried cut fruits with a little flour before adding to the cake mixture.

dust dried fruits and nuts with flour


9. Using Essence/Flavourings

Always add essence/flavourings etc to the fat because fat absorbs flavour readily. So next time add vanilla/pineapple essence to the oil-sugar mixture.


10. For Flat Top

how to bake a cake with flat top


11. Release Air Bubbles

Always tap the baking pan before putting it in the oven to release air bubbles, if any. In case you are using a glass pan then do not forget to spread a towel or some other napkin before tapping the pan.

12. Placing The Baking Pan


13. Do Not Open the Oven

Never open the door of the oven for the first 20 minutes of placing the cake in the oven. This disturbs the temperature inside the oven resulting in sunken or heavy cakes.


14. A Cake is Baked when


15. When to Remove from the Baking Pan


16. Use a Wire Rack

After taking out the cake from the baking pan, always keep it on a wire rack otherwise it will get soggy from the bottom. You get this rack with every OTG or Microwave oven. In the absence of this take a wire mesh, keep it on some container and keep your cake on it. Use any of the two, the purpose is that the bottom should be able to release hot air.

cool the cake completely on steel rack


If you want to do icing/frosting on the cake then wait till it has cooled completely.



Cake Baking Tips

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I hope you have liked this post on cake baking tips useful and you will definitely follow these tips while baking your next cake.

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Happy Baking…


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72 Responses

  1. Dear mam I want to know that should we take out the cake or anything as soon as it is done or wait for sometime before taking it out

    1. Hello dear,
      No, I do not take classes. Moreover to start with simple cakes, I suggest you follow you tube videos. Also there are some recipes on this blog which you can follow with ease.

  2. Very useful tips. I, being an amateur Baker , keeps on trying different recipes and have learnt some of your tips the hard way. If these tips are followed by heart, I am sure tasty cakes will be baked. Thanks a ton for sharing them.

    1. Hello Samira

      I am new to baking.i started making cake with wheat flour.started in cooker.
      All cake turned out be perfect.
      But when I tried with oven with cake tray.bottom layer and sides are hard.what cud be the mistake.

      Thank you

      1. Hi Archana! Welcome to the world of balking! While baking in the oven, keep the cake pan on the middle rack. Then preheat the oven with both rods ON but use only the bottom layer while baking, that is, switch off the top rod. Also, try baking at low temperature, at 170 degrees instead of 180. Hope this helps. Do let me know if this worked for you.

  3. Thanks for details, most ofy doubts are answered. One doubt is once unmould n place cake on wire rack shd we cover it or leave it open. Thanks

    1. My pleasure Manisha. Cakes, you can leave as it is without covering. However, you must cover bread, buns etc with a moist cloth to keep the crust soft.

  4. Hi how do we determine pan size most of the recipe dont mention it and even when we drop msg Theres no response probably they are unread due to their busy schedule

    1. Hi Manisha… Normally you should fill the pan only half or maybe 2/3rd, not more than that. It should act as a rough guide. For 1 Cup flour, if the measuring cup=250 ml, then you require 6″round pan or 5″ square pan. Similarly, for 2 cups, 8″ pan is recommended.

    1. Possible reasons can be slightly underbaked or excessive sugar or moisture. Try keeping your cake in the oven for few more minutes even after the toothpick test. Ensure that sugar is fully dissolved. But if moisture then it’s out of control.

  5. Mam please tell me whenevr i bake a cake it rises beautifully but after sumtime only the middle portion sinks cumpltly… Whr m i malking a mistake??

    1. Hi Rajni, this can be due to multiple reasons. Before taking out the cake from the oven check that it is fully baked. For this apart from inserting a toothpick you do another test also. Press it lightly with fingers and it should spring back indicating that itbis baked fully. If not then continue for some more time.
      You may read my post on Cake Baking Mistakes, will find it useful.

  6. Samira loved every single detail of your tips ! Proud to have discovered you and your power of keeping the reacter or the viewer engaged till the end !

    1. That’s a big compliment Geeta ji. Thank you so much! All the efforts seem all the more worthwhile with such encouraging feedback. Thanks a ton.

  7. Samira loved every single detail of your tips ! Proud to have discovered you and your power of keeping the reader or the viewer engaged till the end !

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