This mango parfait, layered with mango yogurt and fruits, is a healthy guilt-free dessert and ranks easily in the list of easy mango recipes. With such desserts, you don’t have to think even once before having them. In fact, you can have it at breakfast also. Mango Parfait

Love for Mangoes

Mangoes… the most loved fruit all over. Summers are awaited mainly because it brings with it a plethora of yummy fruits. And of all the fruits, mangoes, the king of fruits, is undoubtedly the winner.

With mangoes, you can daily have a new dessert and still not get bored. If no dessert is being made even then you can have it just like this. And with a large variety of mangoes available in the market, we get to taste a different mango each time. With mangoes, it’s always party time. Frozen Fruity Pizza, Mango Sorbet, and Mango Monanza are some other fireless recipes joining the bandwagon of easy mango recipes. Another easy recipe, though not fireless, is Mango Sago Pudding which requires only 10 minutes of yours. And if you are fond of baking and want to incorporate mangoes in your cake then I have 3 different recipes for you and you can choose from them as per your liking:


What is Parfait?

Parfait simply means layered dessert. And, the literal meaning of the word Parfait is ‘Perfect’. This dessert originated in France where they used layers of custard and fruits.  Whereas, in America, they use Granola, fruits, yogurt, whipped cream etc. And this is served in a tall glass with a long spoon, called Parfait spoon (Source)  

Mango Yogurt Parfait

As I didn’t want to use custard or whipped cream in my parfait, therefore, decided to use hung curd. You can say that this recipe is basically a dessert version of my breakfast recipe ‘Yogurt Muesli’. The two differences are that of presentation and the other is that here I have used Strawberry coulis and chocolate cake whereas in Yogurt Muesli, instead of these two, I used muesli.



Thus, the recipe for this parfait is pretty simple. You just need mango puree, hung curd, fruits of your choice, chocolate cake, and strawberry coulis/crush.

Mango Puree: Go for mangoes which are sweet and also bright yellow in color. Colour is important as it should be pleasing to the eyes too. A pale yellow mango may be excellent in taste, but when in a parfait, might not be soothing to the eyes.

Curd or yogurt: is not only low calorie but is cool and healthy too. As we all know, it’s an excellent probiotic and is wonderful for the gut. Use hung curd for this recipe. Or, you can go for store-bought Greek Yogurt. Even readymade Mango yogurt can be used but take care as it is loaded with sugar.

Fruits: Take whatever fruits are there in your refrigerator but take care to avoid watery fruits like watermelon or muskmelon.

Chocolate Cake: You can use, Tutti frutti cake, plain vanilla cake, or Zebra cake, as I have used this time. However, you can use Muesli or granola instead of cake.

Strawberry Coulis: This is just to add color and a slightly tangy flavor. You can skip this totally or use any other Mocktail syrup of your choice. Tip: If you are having this for breakfast then replace chocolate cake and strawberry coulis with muesli. It too tastes good. Thus, to put it in simple words it has mango yogurt and fruits plus some cake and coulis for add-on taste and color.

Because of the hung curd, it is so creamy that you will not at all miss custard or cream in it. In fact, you can have a large serving also as it is healthy and not full of calories.  

Healthy Mango Parfait


Why You Will Love This Recipe



Since you can have a variety of combinations in making a parfait so, use your imagination and creativity in beautifying it. Also, go through the Notes given at the end for various options. This is just a basic guide to make a parfait.


Step by Step Recipe

Healthy Mango Parfait


Healthy Mango Parfait


Healthy Mango Parfait


Healthy Mango Parfait
Healthy Mango Parfait
Healthy Mango Parfait

Healthy Mango Parfait

Q) Any replacement for hung curd?

You may use custard in place of yogurt. For this ensure that the custard cools down completely before you add mango puree to it.  

Q) What fruits are good for adding to this parfait and what to avoid?

You can use whatever fruits you have, just avoid watery fruits like watermelon and muskmelon.  

Q) How To make Hung Curd?

Making the hung curd is also very simple. You just need some planning, that’s it. Keep your curd in the strainer placed over a bowl. Keep it like this for a few hours or overnight in the refrigerator and you have your hung curd ready. The water collected in the bowl underneath is very very nutritious and do not throw it by any chance. You may check the making of hung curd and uses of whey in detail here.



I hope you have liked this Mango Parfait recipe and will surely try it out for your loved ones. Thank you for reading this post. If you have liked this recipe then do let me know by leaving a comment below. Your feedback fuels my enthusiasm. You may share this post with your dear ones by clicking on the little buttons below. You may follow me on  Facebook  Pinterest   Instagram  for latest recipe updates. Thank you!

Healthy  Mango Parfait

A guilt-free dessert made with mangoes and hung curd.
Prep Time 10 mins
Course Dessert
Servings 2


  • 3 Mangoes
  • 1/2 Cup Hung Curd
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • 1/4 Cup Mixed Fruits Chopped Finely Kiwi, Plums, Grapes, Apple etc
  • 4 Tbsp Chocolate Cake Crumbled
  • 1 tsp Strawberry Coulis/ Crush


  • Chop mangoes finely. Reserve some, around 2 tablespoons for topping and use the remaining for making mango yogurt.
  • In a blender put chopped mangoes and hung curd and puree it fine.
  • Your mango yogurt is ready. Sweeten it with honey. The quantity of honey will depend upon the sweetness of your mangoes. You can have it as it is also.
  • Now take a glass. Put little strawberry coulis in it.
  • Add some crumbled chocolate cake. I used my zebra cake here.
  • Put mango yogurt.
  • Arrange Fruits
  • Again add mango yogurt. Top with some mango pieces.
  • Serve with love.
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