Chocolate Braided Bread, popularly known as Babka bread is a sweet bread filled with Nutella. It is a beautiful, sumptuous, yummilicious, artistic piece of bread. A treat to the eyes as well as to the tongue.

Start your day with a sweet note by having this bread for breakfast. Pack this in your little one’s lunch box. Serve them in the evening with a milkshake of their choice. Or, just let it be there for their midnight hunger pangs.

Though it looks like a piece of art it is actually very simple to make. 

Chocolate Braided Bread

Chocolate Babka recipe

When you have this bread, it is difficult to say whether it is more delicious or more attractive to look at.

When I baked this bread for the first time, the whole house was filled with chocolatey flavor. All of us simply loved it. Though I was very apprehensive before trying out this bread but surprisingly it is very easy to braid it. If the dough is good then it can be easily braided.

I made 2 loaves and therefore got sleek slices. You can also place the two braided loaves, one on top of the other, in a baking tin and leave for second proofing.  During proofing as the loaves will rise they will stick to each other and once baked you will get one big loaf. I tried this method in my Orange Babka bread and got perfect slices. You may refer that and make this chocolate braided bread the same way.

If you are new to bread baking then I would suggest, you first go through my post which deals with the basics of bread making. It will give you all the details regarding adding yeast, kneading the dough, proofing etc


Why You Will Love This Recipe


Nutella Babka


Step By Step Recipe

Prove Yeast


 Sift flours


Making bread dough


Making bread dough


 Making bread dough


 Making bread dough


 bread dough ready


 Bread dough


spread nutella

Nutella Babka

 Braided Bread

Braided Bread

Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka

 Braided Bread




Q) Can I replace instant yeast with active dry yeast?

Yes, you can! For this recipe, use 1/2 tsp instant yeast or 2/3 Tsp Active Dry Yeast or 4 g Fresh Yeast

Q) Can I mix instant yeast directly into the flour?

Yes, you can. But, I have proved yeast in warm water, for two reasons.

Q) Can I skip all-purpose flour and use 100% wheat flour?

Yes, you can! In my Orange Marmalade bread, I have used only whole wheat flour.


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