Arrabiata Pasta Recipe or simply Red Sauce Pasta recipe with a healthy twist shared in detail with step-by-step photos and all the tips needed to make it perfect.

I am sure after going through the recipe, you will be more eager than your children to make it as It has everything that every mom wants her kids to have.

Arrabiata Pasta
Penne Pasta In Arrabiata Sauce
Arrabiata Penne Pasta

Pasta made in Arrabiata sauce is called Arrabiata Pasta. And, what is Arrabiata sauce? So, arrabbiata sauce is a spicy sauce made with tomato puree, garlic, and red chili peppers along with herbs and seasonings in olive oil. The word Arrabbiata means ‘angry’ in Italian and it gets this name due to the spiciness of the red peppers.

Arrabbiata sauce is usually served with penne pasta, as Penne absorbs the sauce much better than all other varieties of pasta. However, you can use any other shape too.

But as we are making this sauce mainly for kids, therefore, I have reduced red chili peppers and instead have added veggies to it. Thus, you can easily call it  Pasta in red sauce with vegetables.

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 Step By Step Photos

A. Cook Pasta

Tip: Always take a large pan with plenty of water to boil pasta. It is even written on the packet of pasta to use 1 liter of water for every 100 g pasta. Do you know why we need so much water?  Read below in FAQs.

Tip: Salt is added according to the quantity of water and not as per the pasta. So, for 2 liters of water add 2 tsp salt. Salt adds flavor to the pasta and excess will be drained away with the water.

 Boiling Pasta for arrabbiata pasta recipe


B.  Arrabiata Pasta Sauce Recipe

Tip: The beet gives wonderful red color to the sauce. But do not add much otherwise you will have pink sauce. 

Making Arrabbiata pasta sauce


Making Arrabbiata pasta sauce

C. Assembly

Arrabbiata Pasta getting ready


Arrabbiata Pasta with cheese.



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    Arrabiata Pasta Recipe

    Arrabiata Pasta Recipe with a healthy twist.
    Course Main Course
    Cuisine Italian


    My Cup measures 240 ml

      For Boiling Pasta

      • 250 g Pasta Preferably, Penne shaped
      • 2 litre Water
      • 2 tsp Salt

      For Red Sauce

      • 4 Pc 250 g approx Tomatoes
      • 1 Pc 100 g approx Onion
      • 1/4 50 g approx Beetroot
      • 1/4 50 g approx Bottlegourd (Optional)
      • 1 Pc 50 g approx Carrot (Optional)
      • 1/4 50 g approx Pumpkin (Optional)
      • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
      • 1 tsp Crushed Garlic
      • 1 tsp Oregano
      • 1 tsp Parsley
      • 1 tsp Salt
      • 1 tsp Sugar
      • 1 tsp Vinegar
      • 1/2 tsp Chilli Flakes Optional
      • 1 tsp Basil Leaves


      • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
      • 1 Cup Veggies (Bell Peppers, Broccoli, corns etc)
      • 100 g Cheese Optional


      Boil Pasta

      • Boil water in a large and wide pan with lots of water. For 250 ml water take at least 2-litre water.
      • When the water starts boiling add salt.
      • Now add pasta and stir it so that it does not stick to the pot.
      • Cook it as per the time mentioned on the packet. Also, a few minutes before the given time, bite a piece. If it suits you then it is ready.
      • Drain the pasta.

      Make Pasta sauce

      • Wash tomatoes and chop roughly. Peel onions, bottle gourd, pumpkin, carrot and beetroot and roughly chop.
      • Add 1 cup water and pressure cooker for 1 or 2 whistle.
      • When it cools down, puree it in the blender and pass through a strainer.
      • In a wok, put oil and add crushed garlic and dried herbs. Saute for a while, add the strained tomato puree.
      • Add salt and sugar. If you have fresh herbs like parsley or basil, add at this stage.
      • Cook till the desired consistency is reached.
      • Lastly, add vinegar, stir and the sauce is ready. You can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 8 to 10 days.


      • Wash and chop veggies.
      • In a wok, heat oil and saute veggies.
      • Mix in the pasta sauce. Add half the sauce first.
      • Add boiled pasta. Toss everything on medium-high flame. Check the seasoning.
      • If need be, add more sauce.
      • While serving, grate some cheese.
      • Serve with love, garlic bread optional.


      1. The use of pumpkin, bottle gourd, and carrot is completely optional. This is just to make it more nourishing for the kids and does not affect the taste. If you do not wish to add pumpkin etc then use only tomatoes, onion, and beet but take 2 or 3 tomatoes more.
      2. After straining the puree, do not throw the pulp that is left in the sieve. It can be added to flour while kneading or in the pancake/Uttapam batter.
      3. Do not boil garlic while boiling tomatoes and onions. This is because garlic releases its flavor best when sauteed.
      4. While boiling pasta, add salt only. Do not add oil to the water. Oil creates a film that inhibits sauce sticking to it.
      5. Basil leaves and parsley lends a very authentic taste to the pasta. So, do not skip. If not possible to use fresh then use the dried ones.
      6. If you plan to make it ahead then make the sauce, maybe the previous day, and do not add vinegar.
      7. Boil Pasta as late as you can afford, maybe an hour or two prior. Keep them separate.
      8. At the time of serving, heat the sauce and mix in the boiled pasta.
      9. Lastly, add vinegar and serve.
      10. If after preparing the pasta, it gets dried then sprinkle little water on it.
      11. You can add grated cheese or little mayonnaise in it and toss everything in the wok only.
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