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Veg Lasagna Recipe Indian Style

Lasagna loaded with protein and fiber instead of carbohydrates
Course Main Course
Cuisine Fusion
Servings 8


My Cup Measures 240 ml

    For Pancakes

    • 2 Tbsp Pigeon Peas Tur Dal
    • 2 Tbsp Split And Dehusked Black Gram White Urad Dal
    • 2 Tbsp Split Yellow Peas Chana Dal
    • 2 Tbsp Split Green Gram Moong chhilka
    • 2 Tbsp Split And Dehusked Brown Lentils Lal Masoor
    • Salt As Per Taste
    • Ginger-garlic paste
    • 3 to 4 Tbsp Oil For Making Pancakes

    For Filling

    • 1 Cup Chopped Veggies I used peppers, onion and tomatoes
    • 1 tsp Oil
    • 1/2 tsp Crushed Garlic
    • 1/2 tsp Salt or as per taste
    • 1/4 tsp Oregano
    • 1/4 tsp Dried Basil Optional
    • 1/4 tsp Dried Parsley Optional
    • Few lettuce leaves or Green Coriander or Mint leaves Torn Roughly

    For White Sauce

    • 4 Tbsp Wheat Flour
    • 2 Cups Milk
    • 1 Tbsp Butter
    • 1/2 tsp Salt
    • 1/4 tsp Nutmeg Powder
    • 1/4 tsp Garlic Crushed


    • 50 g Mozarella Cheese


    Make Pancakes

    • Soak lentils for a minimum of two hours. I used Tur Dal, Urad Dal, Chana Dal, Moong Chhilka and in equal proportions.
    • Drain the excess water and grind it to a smooth paste.
    • Add salt, green chillies, ginger paste. If possible add chopped spinach.
    • Heat a skillet. Put a ladle full of batter and make pancakes. Take care that pancakes are of the same size as of your baking dish, so that you can put the pancakes as it is without having to cut or fold it.
    • When golden brown from both the sides, remove it and similarly make 5 more pancakes.
    • Stack them on a wire rack till use. if you plan to make lasagna later then wrap these cooled pancakes in aluminium foil and keep in the refrigerator.

    Make Filling

    • Chop veggies of your choice. I used peppers, onions and tomatoes.
    • Heat oil in a pan, add chopped veggies and saute on medium high flame till partially done.
    • Add salt, pepper, oregano, parsley and basil.
    • Switch off the flame and mix in some lettuce. You can use green coriander or mint as well.

    Make White Sauce

    • Mix wheat flour in milk. Take care that milk is at room temperature.
    • Cook this mix on medium flame, stirring continuously or you may scald the utensil.
    • Mix in butter, salt, grated garlic and nutmeg. Nutmeg, gives a very nice flavour to the white sauce, so do use it, however use it very little as it has really strong odour.
    • Within 4 to 5 minutes, it will start thickening. When it coats the back of the spoon then turn off the flame.
    • White sauce is ready.

    Make Pasta Sauce

    • Make fresh or use store-bought. I had ready Pasta sauce in my refrigerator, so I used it.
    • You may check the recipe of homemade Pasta Sauce here.


    • Start preheating oven. Preheat it at 200 degrees C for 10 to 15 minutes. If using microwave convection, as I did, then preheating will take just 5 minutes so start preheating accordingly.
    • Take a baking dish, put some pasta sauce and white sauce on the base.
    • Put one pancake. Top it with pizza sauce, then filling of veggies and then white sauce. Sprinkle some oregano. You may put some cheese pieces too, though i didnt.
    • Cover this with another pancake and repeat the layers.
    • Continue the same with all the pancakes.
    • Lastly, cover the top liberally with white sauce and grate some cheese all over.
    • Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. If the top gets brown quickly then cover it with aluminium foil or any lid.
    • Serve with love, lemon coriander soup optional.


    1. You may use any mix of lentils for making pancakes.
    2. Its better to layer only 4 pancakes unlike 6 done by me.
    3. Any excess batter of pancakes can be kept in the refrigerator and can be used for making pancakes in the breakfast.
    4. You may use or avoid cheese as per your liking.
    5. Use whatever veggies you like or are there in your refrigerator. Like, I had very few veggies and didn't have any choice due to the currently going lockdown.
    6. I used store-bought pasta sauce. You may use that or make your own.
    7. Use white sauce liberally as we are using very little cheese.
    8. Use herbs as per your liking, though do not skip oregano.
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