Homemade Garlic powder, onion powder, and ginger powder using an air fryer is a quick and easy way to prepare these powders.

Drying herbs and storing them in powdered form is a great way to add flavoring to your favorite dishes. You can of course add fresh herbs but then you need to have a stock of all these in your pantry.

Also, when you need any of these herbs in a little quantity then these powders are so convenient to use, so why not make them and ease your life in the kitchen?

You can keep garlic, onion, beetroot, ginger, spinach etc easily in powdered form by dehydrating them and then grinding them.


How to make Garlic Powder in Air Fryer

Natural Red Color from Beetroot

Birista in Air Fryer


How to Make Garlic Powder at Home?

Making garlic powder at home has three steps, namely:

  1. Chopping
  2. Drying
  3. Grinding into fine powder

Let us see these in detail.

How to Peel Garlic Easily

Peeling garlic is a tedious task and youtube has n number of videos showing how to do this. As I hardly use onion garlic in my cooking, so it is all the more troublesome for me. And when I had to chop roughly 250 g garlic then I turned to my house help, Seeta’s husband who is a cook in a restaurant, to seek some hack for doing this.

And what he told me was something totally new, nowhere on social media. Though his method sounded very appealing to me still I gave his method a try with just one garlic.

Overjoyed with the results then I went ahead with the rest of my 250g garlic just for his post 🙂

So no more suspense let’s see how to do it.

  1. For this, after rinsing the garlic in freshwater, wipe it dry with a cloth.
  2. Now, chop it roughly in a food processor or some chopper or with a knife. Yes, do not peel, just chop it. I used a food processor as the quantity was more. You can chop it the way you like.

Chopping garlic in food processor

  1. One chopped, mix some cornflour or arrowroot powder or rice flour in it. I mixed rice flour in it.

Mix cornflour in chopped garlic

  1. Now rub it with both hands and you will be amazed to see that the peels get separated.
  2. Put this mix in a colander. As you sift, the flour will get sifted and the peels will be separated from the garlic pods too.

Sift to remove cornflour and peels

  1. Simply pick up the peels and remove them.
  2. Repeat the process of sifting a few times and your peeled garlic is ready without any flour.
  3. Lastly, using the blowing method also you can blow away the remaining peels as well.
  4. What you are left with is chopped and peeled garlic. So, how’s it? Do share with me in the comments section.

Chopped garlic


How To Dehydrate Garlic

Drying garlic in air fryer

Garlic dried in air fryer

How to Make Garlic Powder

Dehydrated Garlic

Tip: Do not run the mixer continuously till the powder is formed otherwise the garlic powder will clump due to heat produced in the mixer.

Tip: Never fill it in the container immediately after grinding, otherwise it will clump together due to heat and moisture in it.

Homemade Garlic Powder



How to Make Onion Powder At Home

Using the same method as in garlic, you can make onion powder too. The steps would be as follows:

How to make Onion Powder At Home


How to Make Beetroot Powder, Natural Red Color?

Beetroot Powder


Uses of Garlic Powder/ Onion Powder/ Beet Powder



Q) Why do I need Garlic powder?

Q) Garlic powder is not as effective as fresh garlic? Why?

Q) What is the shelf life of this garlic powder?

Q) My garlic didn’t dehydrate in the time given in this post?

It will dehydrate, however, time may vary due to any of the following reasons:

Q) How can I dehydrate garlic, onion, ginger, beetroot, etc?

Q) I do not have an air fryer, then how to dry these?


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How to Make Garlic Powder | Onion Powder At Home

Dehydrating garlic, onion, beetroot in air fryer is really quick and these homemade powders gets ready in a jiffy.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 50 mins
Course DIY
Cuisine Indian


  • air fryer
  • Chopper


250 g Garlic

    250 g Onion

      250 g Beetroot


        How to Make Garlic Powder

          Dehydrate Garlic in Air Fryer

          • Take a steel plate or bowl that fits into your air fryer.
          • Put chopped garlic in it. It's better to use a plate otherwise small pieces of garlic may go into the base through the air fryer basket.
          • Air-dry it at 180 degrees C for 5 minutes.
          • Swirl the plate and if any pieces are stuck to the plate, release them.
          • Tip: If you use the cornflour method discussed above then garlic will not stick at all. So, even if you chop it using any other method, my suggestion is that just dust it with little cornflour/rice flour and sift it.
          • Thereafter, reduce the temperature to 100 degrees C and continue air-drying for 40 to 50 minutes.
          • Shake the pieces using a spoon after every 10-15 minutes.
          • After switching off the air fryer, let the plate with garlic in it only as there is a lot of heat.
          • Soon they will be completely dry and turn hard like pebbles. When you shake the plate, the sound itself will tell you that these are completely dry.
          • 250 g of garlic dehydrated in less than an hour. Isn't it cool!
          • Take them out and let them cool completely.

          Make Garlic Powder

          • Once the air-dried garlic granules are completely cool, put them in a grinder and make a fine powder. Blitz the grinder after turning it off after every 15 seconds or so.
          • Tip: Do not run the mixer continuously till the powder is formed otherwise the garlic powder will clump due to heat produced in the mixer.
          • Once powdered finely, spread it on a plate and let it dry completely. And then store it in a glass bottle.
          • 250 g of fresh Garlic gives roughly 50 g of garlic powder.

          How to Make Onion Powder At Home

          • Using the same method as in garlic, you can make onion powder too. The steps would be as follows:
          • Peel onions as you normally do. Peeling onion doesn't require a hack 🙂
          • Chop it or slice it finely. I sliced it using a slicer.
          • Put it directly on the air fryer basket and air-dry for 5 minutes at 180 degrees C. No need to use a plate or bowl.
          • Lower the temperature and air-dry these 80 degrees C  (or at the lowest temperature in your air fryer) for 40 to 50 minutes.
          • Always dehydrate onions at the lowest temperature as it burns very quickly.
          • Some of it may pass through the basket but no worries.
          • Once it is almost dry then you can cover it with a steel mesh to avoid blowing it all over.
          • Once completely dried, powder it in the grinder. Your onion powder is ready.
          • 250 g of fresh onion yields approx 40 g of onion powder.
          • If making Birista for Biryani then you may toss the sliced onions with very little oil before putting them in the air fryer.

          How to Make Beetroot Powder, Natural Red Color

          • Peel and chop beetroot finely. I used a chopper.
          • Put it in a bowl and keep it in the air fryer.
          • Dehydrate it for 15 minutes at 180 degrees C.
          • Thereafter for 15 minutes at 160 degrees C.
          • And lastly, again for  15 minutes at 150 degrees C, or till it is completely dried and it moves freely on a plate.We reduce temperature gradually, as we want to retain the color.
          • Let the dehydrated beetroot cool down.
          • Powder it in the grinder.
          • Use it to give bright red color to your Pasta sauce or Pav Bhaji or make colorful Idli/Dhokla etc.
          • You may pass it through a filter before adding to whipping cream for making red-colored cream.
          • 250 g of fresh beetroot yields just 20 g of beetroot powder.


          1. Do not grind dehydrated garlic or onion or beetroot when warm otherwise they will turn soggy.
          2. Never fill this powder in the container immediately after grinding, otherwise it will clump together due to heat and moisture in it.
          3. If the chopped pieces are too small then use a plate or bowl and then keep it in the air fryer, like in the case of garlic and beetroot.
          4. Thin and bigger slices, like onions, can be kept straight on the air fryer basket.
          5. Always shake the items off and on, like after every 6 or 7 minutes.
          6. Time may vary slightly due to any of the following reasons:
            • as each air fryer is different 
            • the quantity used to dehydrate
            • size and thickness of chopped garlic etc
            • temperature settings.
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