These clever and versatile air fryer uses will certainly make you fall in love with this wonder appliance.

An air fryer is a magical device that does a whole lot of jobs. In a way, it’s like a one-man army. Though the name air fryer gives an impression that it’s a substitute for deep frying only but actually it does many other functions along with air frying.

I have a Philips air fryer and all these multiple uses are on the basis of this appliance only.

dehydrating vegetables in air fryer

1. Air Fry

french fries in air fryer


2. Grilling/ Toasting

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making bread pizza in air fryer


3. Roasting

One thing I roast almost every other day is peanuts.  I add roasted peanuts in my Poha, Upma, etc. So, by the time these get ready before that peanuts also get roasted. Similarly, roasting Paneer for Pulao or making its vegetable is done every now n then.

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Tips for Roasting Nuts


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Tips for Roasting Vegetables

roast brinjal in air fryer


4. Baking

Cake made in air fryer

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Garlic Bread in Air Fryer



5. Using As Dehydrator

Dehydrating Vegetables

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Dehydrating Green Leafy Vegetables

dry green leaves in air fryer



6. Using As Tandoor

  • Yes, you can make Tandoori Roti, Pita Bread, Naan, kulcha etc easily in Air Fryer.
  • Also, making Rotis using Makka, Jowar, Bajra flour is also Hassle-free in AF. Same method as shown below.
  • The ones shown below are made with regular Chapati dough, without any oil in it.
  • Method:
    •  Preheat AF for 3 to 4 minutes on the highest power in your air fryer.
    • Half-cook Roti on Tawa. This means that flip it once on Tawa and when it’s time to puff it up on direct flame then remove it.
    •  And keep it on the air fryer basket.
    • Wait for 3 minutes and your puffed-up, Khasta Tandoori Roti is ready.
    • Smear butter and enjoy.
tandoori roti in air fryer

7. Set Curd

Tip: Do not preheat the air fryer for longer than 3 minutes otherwise your milk will curdle instead of setting into Dahi (curd).


8. Ferment Bread/ Bhatura/ Naan Dough


9. Reheat leftover Pizza

If you have leftover Pizza or Samosa or Kachori then try heating it in the air fryer. It will be as crisp as freshly baked.

Reheating these in the microwave turns them soggy but in the air fryer, they get crisp.

For this, simply preheat the air fryer at 180 degrees C and then reheat pizza, etc for just a minute or two.


10. Crisp Biscuits etc that have become Soft


11. Extract Oil from the Fried Items

This feature is amazing too.

Reheat any fried item like Samosa, Tikki, etc, and check the oil collected beneath the basket. An air fryer acts like a juicer in extracting all the oil from fried foods. So, you can have fried items without any guilt.


I have shared different uses of air fryers along with some of my recipes with you all. These Air fryer recipes are just to give you an idea of all that you can do in it. With this, you can start exploring what you can do in your air fryer like:

In some cases you need to brush oil on the basket, in others, you toss the ingredients in just a teaspoon of oil, some you lay directly on the basket whereas for others you may spread aluminum foil first and then keep the stuff on it. While laying butter paper/aluminum foil, remember that you do not cover the basket fully. Leave space around the edges so that hot air can move freely.


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